Bombshell Diddy Lawsuit Falling Apart As Allegations Get Scrutinized


Lil Rod made multiple shocking allegations against Diddy and others in sexual harassment and assault lawsuit.

Producer Lil Rod’s lawsuit against Diddy faced significant pushback from some of the individuals referenced in the complaint. Lil Rod’s lawyer defended the legitimacy of the lawsuit despite its apparent discrepancies.

Lil Rod, whose real name is Rodney Jones, sued Diddy for $30 million on Monday (February 26). The plaintiff accused Diddy of sexual harassment and assault.

One point of contention was Diddy’s alleged involvement with underage girls. Lil Rod’s lawsuit included photos claiming to show Diddy and his son Justin Combs with minors. However, a 33-year-old woman named Chelsea said she was the person seen in one of the photos. According to TMZ, Justin Combs’ 32-year-old girlfriend Stephanie Rao was another woman pictured in the evidence.

Lil Rod’s lawsuit featured explicit photos of Stevie J supposedly having sex with a man. Adult film star Knockout refuted the allegations, insisting it was him – not Stevie J – in the photos.

“This is not him it’s me y’all really be trying it,” Knockout wrote on social media.

Meek Mill was implicated in the lawsuit, which mentioned a “Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.” Lil Rod accused the rapper, whose name was redacted, of having sex with Diddy as well as consorting with underage girls and sex workers. Meek Mill denied the allegations, saying no one ever approached him “about gay activity.” He suggested he was the victim of a smear campaign.

“Every black blog site enhanced that post to make me seem gay,” he wrote. “I change laws for our people I donate millions … they are designed to destroy the image of black leaders! It can’t work with me tho you gotta really kill me and I still will get bigger after death! This god not me lol.”

Lil Rod’s lawsuit also suggested Diddy and Justin Combs were involved in a shooting at Chalice Recording Studios in Hollywood. But two suspects were already taken into custody for the shooting, which appeared to be unrelated to Diddy. Chalice disputed Lil Rod’s allegations, saying the shooting didn’t even happen at its studio.

“The shooting occurred a half a block away from Chalice and it was a result of a robbery,” the studio wrote to Lil Rod’s lawyer Tyrone Blackburn, who oddly shared the message on Instagram. “There are police reports corroborating this. Please wait for the facts to come out before you start contributing to the defamation of our organization.”

Blackburn taunted Diddy’s lawyer Shawn Holley, who has represented many high-profile clients, on social media amid questions over the lawsuit. Blackburn mocked Holley, boasting how she would lead Diddy and his son to “the same fate” as her past clients Tory Lanez and Danny Masterson. Lanez and Masterson are both serving prison sentences.

Holley did not represent Lanez at his trial. George Mgdesyan was Lanez’s attorney for the proceedings. Last year, an email revealed Holley advised Lanez against trying to blame Kelsey Harris for the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. Holley was one of the lawyers who represented Masterson in his rape case. He was convicted of two counts of forcible rape, but Holley’s cross-examination led to a mistrial on a third count.

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