Cardi B Speaks Out For Veterans Following Community Service Work: “They’re Just Not Giving Them The Help” 

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Cardi B became emotional while speaking on the plight of the military veterans she met during her court-mandated community service.

Despite her vast wealth and global superstardom, Cardi B remains a woman of the people who uses her platform to speak on social issues as she sees them. 

The Grammy Award-winning rapper became emotional while sharing her experience following her second day of court-mandated community service at a facility for military veterans.  

“I have learned so much things these past two days, and I have learned things about myself,” Cardi B explained to her fans during an Instagram Live on Friday (Jan. 20.) She became emotional, adding that she didn’t want to cry but had to share the touching experience.  

“You know we all celebrate Veterans Day, and you know we always be like, ‘Thank you to our soldiers,’ but I don’t know anybody who’s been to war,” the New York native continued. “I don’t know any veterans. I don’t know anybody that went to Afghanistan, or any type of war like the Vietnam War, the Gulf Coast War.” 

Cardi said despite hearing of the challenges faced by military personnel, she only grasped the reality of the situation after seeing it for herself.  

“They go through so much and like this country — or a lot of countries, I’m not going to say just this country; some countries are even worse — they don’t, like, provide proper service to our veterans or ex-soldiers,” the “Tomorrow 2 hitmaker added. 

Cardi B called for greater empathy for service men and women, noting their struggles, including post-traumatic stress disorder. She pointed out, “A lot of them turn to drug abuse,’ as a means to escape their trauma.  

Cardi B Says The Government Don’t Care About Veterans

She also spoke of the difficulties veterans face in seeking assistance after leaving the military.  

“It’s so crazy to me how [the government] just don’t give a f###… This is what they train for, to be a ranger, to be in the Navy and they get injured, and they come back home, and they don’t even know how to adjust to society. So they turn to crimes, they turn to drugs because they’re just not giving them the help… It’s just so sad that it hurts me,” Cardi concluded.  

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Cardi B was sentenced to 15 hours of community service in September 2022 after pleading guilty to assault and reckless endangerment for her role in a 2018 strip club brawl