Diddy Wins Halloween Dressed Up As Heath Ledger’s Joker  


Diddy celebrated Halloween this year by dressing up as a spookily spot-on version of Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight.

Diddy fully immersed himself in the spirit of Halloween this year with an eerily accurate impersonation of the late Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight Joker.  

The Hip-Hop icon proved he can have just as much fun as anyone else during the spooky season. Diddy not only nailed the villain’s look with his spot-on Halloween costume and makeup, but he perfected the deranged Joker’s mannerisms perfectly. He also had a cache of props, including a grenade and a machine gun.  

Diddy took to Instagram with a series of videos documenting his Halloween antics as the Joker. In one, he laughs manically while waving a fake machine gun in the air as his prop grenade rolls to the ground. “Hello my friends, I’m the Joker. I’m highjacking Halloween! Hahahaha,” he penned in the caption. 


In the second video, Diddy has a hilarious run-in with Tyler, The Creator. The Bad Boy Records boss stops a vehicle in the middle of a street before attempting to fake carjack it. Without breaking character, he walks towards the car. “Tyler, The Creator,” he said before howling a psychotic laugh. “Tyler, The Creator, you’re my favorite rapper in the world.” 

The Igor creator laughed, clearly impressed by Diddy’s Halloween effort as the Joker. “This is top tier,” Tyler said before Puffy turned his prop gun on him. “Get out of the car!” he demanded while Tyler laughed and drove off. “It’s going to be a glorious night!! Hahahaha,” Diddy added in the caption.  


In other videos, Diddy shows himself preparing for his Joker Halloween transformation and delivering his character’s classic line: “Why so serious?” Check them out below.