DreamDoll Talks Getting A Butt Reduction, Wanting A “More Natural Body”

The former ‘BGC’ star is working to reverse her enhancements.

A conversation about the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) recently dominated social media. Hip Hop artists like Cardi B and NLE Choppa even offered their respective thoughts on the subject.

Fellow rapper, DreamDoll, spoke about her own cosmetic surgery experience during an appearance on Angela Yee’s Lipservice podcast. The 29-year-old New Yorker admitted she has been undergoing butt reduction procedures.

“I already got 4 reductions already. There [are] levels to this reducing s###,” explained DreamDoll. “It’s way harder to take it out.” The reality television show veteran added, “I just wanted a more natural body and I still do. So I’m just slowly getting there. It takes time.”

DreamDoll has been discussing her desire to reverse her butt enhancements for a while. Last June, she informed her Instagram followers that she began the reduction process.

2021 also saw DreamDoll push back on rumors she was dating Snowfall actor Damson Idris, and she came out as bisexual during LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Additionally, the Bad Girls Club alumna dropped her single “You Know My Body” featuring Capella Grey in October and contributed to the Bruised soundtrack in November.