Jeezy Addresses Divorce Drama In New JT Collab “Okay” Remix 

Jeezy Jeannie Mai

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai finalized their contentious divorce earlier this month, and the Snowman announced he’s back outside for the summer.  

Jeezy hopped on a new track with JT and got social media talking after addressing his recent divorce from Jeannie Mai.  

On Friday (June 28), the former City Girl’s rapper dropped the remix to “Okay” after teasing a feature from the Snowman earlier this week. Jeezy began trending with fans reacting to his bars addressing his divorce and his ex-wife Jeannie Mai. 

Jeezy gets straight to it, opening his verse with an announcement that he’s back on the market, rapping, “Summer ’24, I’m single as a dollar bill/Handsome and wealthy, can’t forget the fact a n#### real.” 

From there, he references Mai’s accusation that he keeps his AK-47 assault rifle unsecured in their home. The TV presenter mentioned this during their divorce and child custody battle, claiming she had concerns about their daughter’s safety. 

Jeannie Mai alleged Jeezy carried the weapon around the house and would often leave it along with other firearms and ammunition in places accessible to their toddler.  

“Why you got choppas in ya house?” Jeezy raps on the “Okay” remix. “Cause i’m a n#### still/A b####’ll never catch me slippin, yea banana peel/Ever lost a real one, you dropped the ball baby.” 

Jeezy also mentioned another contentious battle, using it to remind fans of his longevity. It looks like Jeezy is firmly back outside this summer, and his JT collab is just the start.  

“You takin’ off this summer? I said n####, naw,” Jeezy declared. “All I’m hearin’ ’bout is Drizzy Drake and K.Dot/ Been on fire twenty years, b####, I stay hot.” 

After months of messy allegations, Jeezy and Jeannie Mai finalized their divorce on Tuesday (June 11). The former couple agreed to keep the details of their bitter dispute under wrap. The terms of the deal will not be made public.