Latto & Coi Leray Clear The Air Over ‘Put It On Da Floor’ Lyrics 

Latto Coi Leray

“I love your body baby,” Latto told Coi Leray after a line in her new single “Put It On Da Floor” was taken as a diss to her fellow rapper.

Latto and Coi Leray have put their differences aside after the New Jersey-raised rapper took issue with a line from the “Big Energy” hitmaker’s new song. 

Coi Leray blasted Latto on Twitter after hearing Latto’s new track “Put It On Da Floor” which dropped last week (Apr. 21). “Smoking on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray,” Latto raps on the single. 

“Latto bye. 😴 Here you go [talking] about my body. Please do not come on here and talk about nobody’s BODY. Lol like seriously. Out of all things. Lmaooo ya blunt my size? Lmaooo this s### is never-ending,” tweeted Leray in one response. 

Latto Shows Love To Coi Leray During Coachella performance

However, after Coi Leray admitted her Twitter rant might have been an overreaction, Latto gave her a shoutout during her Coachella set Sunday. “Ay Coi, by the way, I love your body baby,” she said after performing “Put It On Da Floor.”

Word got to Coi Leray, and she reposted a clip on Twitter, adding a hundred emoji, showing it’s all water under the bridge.  

In a follow-up tweet, Coi explained that she was thrown by hearing her name in a diss track, even if she wasn’t the intended target. 

“It was the diss record with my name on it that confused me,” Coi Leray wrote before adding, “Much love to Latto! Appreciate the compliment 💯💫💖” 

Meanwhile, Latto shared some images from her Coachella set, including a close-up of her eye-popping cherry-themed fit. Check them out below. 

While Latto shared the stage with a bevy of rap beauties over both Coachella weekends, including Saweetie, Lola Brooke, and TiaCorine, she revealed that one surprise performer couldn’t make it.  

“I was bringing @YungMiami305 out too but she was stuck in traffic ☹️❤️🤞,” she explained. “I’m so annoyed and aggravated I can scream I dead ass have to reset I hate missing moments I can’t get back 😣” Yung Miami shared.  

Latto promised an even better show next time in her response. “Don’t worry sis it’ll be bigger & better next time go have a fckn ball #TeamMiami 4LLLL 💗🤞,” she added.