Latto Flat Out Denies Dating 21 Savage

Latto 21 Savage

A TikTok video has social media questioning the two rappers’ status once again.

There has been speculation for years that Latto and 21 Savage are a couple. Both Atlanta-bred rap stars have denied the rumors, but many social media users refuse to believe their relationship is platonic.

This week, Latto outright denied she is dating 21. The 24-year-old “Lottery” rhymer posted a TikTok video apparently showing herself cooking a “Soul Food Sunday” meal for her unnamed boyfriend.

Many of the TikTok commenters posted that Latto must have prepared the food for 21 Savage. One user directly asked, “Did she actually say she’s with 21??” Latto responded, “No, I’ve said I’m not plenty [of] times.”

21 Savage also recently addressed whether there is a potential romantic connection with Latto. Last December, 21 blatantly stated on the Clubhouse app, “I don’t got a celebrity girlfriend.”

However, the public gossip surrounding 21 and Latto reignited earlier this month when reports circulated claiming Latto has the word “Sheyaa” tattooed behind her ear. Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph is 21 Savage’s birth name.

Latto Said She Wants To Keep Her Private Life Private

The tattoo theory began circulating not long after Latto explained why she keeps her private life off social media. The 777 album creator said, “I gotta hear everybody’s two cents and opinions on something that don’t got nothing to do with them. I’m in a real relationship, not like PR stunts, so I just want to protect it.”

However, Latto did talk about her musical chemistry with 21 Savage. She and the 30-year-old Slaughter Gang frontman collaborated on songs such as “Pull Up” in 2020 and “Wheelie” in 2022. That latter single has a Colin Tilley-directed music video starring both performers.

“[21 Savage] is one of the male Atlanta artists running it, and then I’m the female running it, hands down,” declared Latto in March 2022. “I think it’s just that Atlanta chemistry. I’ve opened up for 21 way back in the day. I was probably 15, 16, or something like that.”