Latto Supports Angel Reese On WNBA Debut: “It’s The Year Of The Woman” 

Latto Angel Reese

Latto was courtside as former LSU Tigers women’s college basketball star Angel Reese made her WNBA debut for the Chicago Sky. 

Latto was courtside to witness Angel Reese make her WNBA debut for the Chicago Sky against the Dallas Wings. 

The “Sunday Service” hitmaker made sure she was in town to see the former LSU Tigers women’s college basketball star play her first game at College Park Center in Arlington, Texas. 

After explaining that she came to watch Angel Reese in action, Latto shared her thoughts on the current buzz surrounding the WNBA. According to Latto, it’s time for the ladies to shine. “It’s the year of the woman, it’s the year of the female, it’s the year of the girl,” she said during a courtside interview. “I’m here for the girl power period. Let’s go Angel Reese.” 

She added, “I love Texas, but I did want to be at her first game. You know everybody going to come later, but we did it first.” 

Latto and Angel Reese flicked it up after the game before the rapper flew off in a private jet. “I came here strictly for Angel Reese, I’m out,” she said before boarding the plane.  

Angel Reese made a cameo in the music video for Latto and Cardi B’s “Put It on Da Floor Again” last year. Cardi also shouted out the Tiger’s thrilling title run. 

“I been ballin’ so damn hard, could’ve went to LSU, huh,” she rapped.