Lil Yachty Presses Akademiks Over Saucy Santana Feud: “I Really Think He Will Beat You”

Akademiks and Saucy Santana

Ak claims he would put Santana down like a “sick dog.”

Surprisingly, one of the biggest beefs of 2023 involved streamer/podcaster DJ Akademiks and recording artist Saucy Santana. Lil Yachty has now shared his take on the unexpected feud.

The back and forth between DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana revolved around Ak’s longstanding issues with Yung Miami of the City Girls. Once Santana jumped into the dispute, the jabs got really low. Both men also suggested a face-to-face confrontation.

At one point, Saucy Santana responded to DJ Akademiks calling him a “batty man” by threatening to sexually assault the controversial YouTuber. Ak then broke down during a livestream. He claimed to be afraid of getting “canceled” for verbally attacking the openly gay Santana.

Following Akademiks’s teary-eyed rebuttal, the court of public opinion seemed to sway toward Saucy Santana’s favor. Ak even tacitly admitted defeat in that round of the online bout with the “Material Gworrllllllll!” performer.

This week saw Lil Yachty publish his sitdown interview with DJ Akademiks for the A Safe Place podcast. The conversation featured Yachty discussing Ak’s days-long clash with Saucy Santana that went viral earlier this month.

“I really think he would really like beat you… He’s not a little guy,” Lil Yachty told Akademiks, referring to his rival Saucy Santana. Then Ak asked Yachty if he should actually fight the 30-year-old former makeup artist.

Yachty responded, “Why not? He’s still a man.” The Let’s Start Here album creator also said, “Why Not? Squaring up ’cause there’s beef is different than you running up and punching him because he’s gay.”

Akademiks replied, “No, me and him not getting into any type of squabbling… Come on, bro, it’s Saucy Santana. If there was any fear of me and that m###########, I’d put him down like a sick dog. We’ll just leave it at that.”