Mayor Eric Adams Laughs At Idea Of Changing Locks On Diddy’s Key To City

Diddy Mayor Eric Adams

New York gave Diddy a key to the city in 2023. Footage of him assaulting his ex-girlfriend Cassie led to calls to revoke the honor.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams hasn’t decided whether to revoke Diddy’s key to the city. The mayor said he talked to his team during an interview with 94.7’s “Jonsey in the Morning” show on Wednesday (May 29), but that the matter remained unsettled.

“We’ll make a formal announcement once that’s determined,” Adams noted, per the New York Daily News.

Adams reiterated how disturbed he was by Diddy assaulting Cassie Ventura after a video of the incident surfaced on May 17. CNN obtained surveillance footage of Diddy attacking Cassie at a Los Angeles hotel in 2016, corroborating some of the allegations in her since-settled lawsuit against him.

“That video, as you saw, was really, really painful to watch,” Adams continued. “As a person who has two sisters, you know, I was really troubled by it.”

Diddy was awarded a key to the city in September 2023. Just a couple of months later, multiple women—including Cassie—sued the Hip-Hop mogul for sexual assault amid other claims.

Several New York City council members urged Adams to revoke Diddy’s key to the city after the assault video emerged. “Jonesy in the Morning” host Tarsha Jones joked, “If all else fails, just change the locks.” The mayor laughed at the suggestion.

Two more women sued Diddy for sexual assault after the Cassie Ventura video went public. The lawsuits added to Diddy’s legal woes as he was already the subject of a federal investigation.

According to CNN, federal investigators are preparing to bring some of Diddy’s accusers before a grand jury. The feds are likely seeking an indictment. Earlier this year, Homeland Security raided his homes to investigate sex trafficking allegations.

Diddy publicly denied the various allegations against him, but he issued an apology in response to proof of his assault on Ventura. He said his “behavior on that video is inexcusable” and claimed he sought help after the fact.