Nick Cannon To Take ‘Some Time Away’ From His Radio Show

The syndicated program is going on hiatus following the ‘Cannon’s Class’ controversy.

(AllHipHop News) Nick Cannon may have lost his gig with ViacomCBS after being accused of making anti-Semitic remarks, but he was not stripped of all of his showbiz jobs. For example, he will still stay on as the host of Fox’s The Masked Singer.  

However, the Nick Cannon Mornings radio show will be on hiatus for the time being. The 39-year-old industry insider announced he is taking a temporary departure from the Power 106 program. 

“Morning radio family. I have decided to take some time away from my radio show so I can commit myself to deeper, more thorough reflection and education,” Cannon tweeted on Thursday.

He added, “I will use this time to establish an action plan towards real, impactful change and advocacy aimed at bringing people together. I continue to express my gratitude to the Rabbis, community leaders and institutions who have reached out to me to help enlighten me.”

That series of tweets were sent out before Cannon began posting about his own community supposedly turning on him and wanting to leave the planet. The distressing messages shared around 2 am ET on Friday caused many observers to be concerned about the actor’s mental health at the moment.

Earlier in the week, Cannon publicly apologized to the Jewish community for what he called “hurtful and divisive words” and “hateful propaganda and stereotypical rhetoric.” Even his backtrack garnered criticism in certain circles that viewed the mea culpa as a sign of weakness or capitulation.

KPWR’s Los Angeles-based Nick Cannon Mornings is syndicated nationwide via Skyview Network as Nick Cannon Radio. The broadcast company issued a statement about the controversial situation involving the Ncredible Entertainment founder.

“Nick Cannon has begun a period of self-reflection to address the pain he caused, and while we recognize his apology, this time is needed to establish an action plan towards real change and advocacy,” stated Skyview Networks. “During this period, production of the Nick Cannon Radio show will pause. Skyview Networks values all communities and faiths and we expect all programs and personalities we syndicate to adhere to these principles.”