NLE Choppa: Men Need To Go Celibate To Have Control Over “Second Head”

NLE Choppa

The “Sl*t Me Out” rapper delivers a message about lusting energy.

Bryson Lashun Potts is not afraid to give out his sometimes controversial opinions. The rapper better known as NLE Choppa continues to use social media as a platform to express his views on health and wellness.

Over the weekend, NLE Choppa turned his attention to male sexual activity. The 19-year-old Me vs. Me mixtape creator shared his way of thinking on abstaining from sex with his 1.5 million Twitter followers.

“It’s important for men to go celibate. When the genitals act as if it has a [mind] of its own that’s a problem. You must be able to have self-control over your second head. That’s true discipline 💯,” tweeted NLE Choppa on August 26.

Around 30 minutes later, NLE Choppa returned to the social media site to also comment on reframing from eating. He connected not eating to not having sex as a way to avoid lustful urges.

“Fasting from food is also extremely important if you can control your appetite you can literally accomplish ANYTHING,” posted Choppa on Twitter.

The “Shotta Flow” hitmaker continued, “Fasting from sex and food are two forms of walking away from LUSTING ENERGY. Lust can kill you. Build a strong mindset to escape that trap many are victims to. 🙏🏽.”

NLE Choppa Also Claimed He Can Help Cure Cancer

NLE Choppa’s message about celibacy and fasting comes after he expressed his sexual desires in the “S### Me Out” music video. The song was part of a promotional tie-in with the plant-based burger chain Slutty Vegan in Atlanta.

In addition to commenting on sex, NLE Choppa repeatedly claimed to he can help other people cure diseases like cancer. The Memphis-raised rhymer even offered to assist Pop superstar Justin Bieber with his Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis.

“As long as you have good intentions, you pray over these things, you talk to them, and you give it to people with the right intentions and they use it and they hear you out consistently with the things that they do within themselves every day, you can help someone. You can help save a life,” said NLE Choppa.