Offset Ends Legal Fight Against Quality Control Music


The Migos rapper is now releasing music under the Motown/UMG banner.

It appears Kiari Cephus (aka Offset) has decided to drop his lawsuit against his longtime music label home, Quality Control Music.

According to TMZ, Offset filed to dismiss his suit against Quality Control Music with prejudice. Apparently, the 31-year-old rapper will no longer release music through the Atlanta-based company.

Offset accused Quality Control of breaching their contract. Reports claimed the Migos member sued QC to prevent the Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas-founded label from making money off his solo efforts.

Both sides reportedly negotiated a settlement in January 2021. Offset supposedly believed the deal gave him ownership rights to his recordings and songwriting credits. QC argued that Set actually breached the settlement agreement.

At one point, Offset and Pierre “P” Thomas addressed the legal conflict in public. Last year, P stated, “The last lawsuit was filed publicly and dismissed quietly. Let’s see how this one [goes]. Been [too] real for all this lame s###. Everyone [knows] the real problem.”

Set fired back, “N##### act like I’m the problem. I paid millions to get my rights back. N####, you blackballed me. I ain’t said s### one time, homie. I ain’t spoke to you in 2 years, now I drop and you want ya name on my credit?”

With the legal dispute with Quality Control evidently behind him, Offset seems ready to release his long-awaited second studio album in the near future. The Georgia native recently dropped the “Jealousy’ single featuring his wife, Cardi B.

Father of 4 landed in 2019 via Quality Control Music. The Migos trios, which also included Quavo and the late Takeoff, released four studio LPs between 2015 and 2021. In addition, Offset teamed up with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin for 2017’s Without Warning.