EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Chanel West Coast, Sharon Stone Reach Tentative Agreement In Legal War

The coronavirus pandemic is delaying a settlement between Sharon Stone and Chanel West Coast in their legal war over “Sharon Stoned.”

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Chanel West Coast has almost settled her beef with actress Sharon Stone but the coronavirus has screwed up everything.

The pair are asking a judge to give them some more time to reach an agreement over Sharon Stone’s claims the rapper ruinied her image by recording her drug anthem called “Sharon Stoned.”

“They are finalizing those negotiations and a tentatively reached agreement with a long-form agreement,” a source close to both Sharon Stone and Chanel West Coast revealed to AllHipHop.com.

Sharon sued Chanel over the song in November of 2019, claiming the “challenged” rapper stole her image without compensation when she released “Sharon Stoned,” which repeats the actresses’ name almost 100 times during the 3:01 track.

Chanel labeled Sharon a hypocrite because she originally loved the song and was even supposed to be in the video for Sharon Stoned, which pays homage to some of the actresses’ best-known movies, including “Basic Instinct,” “Casino” and others.

After some back-and-forth, the ladies were on the fast-track to settling their legal spat, but the coronavirus is forcing them to push back any settlement talks since everyone is under shelter-in-place orders over the global pandemic.

Both Chanel West Coast and Sharon Stone believe they will be ready to make their settlement official by May 4th, if the coronavirus pandemic has subsided by then.