Teairra Mari Is Unemployed And Refuses To Get A 9-5 To Pay Off 50 Cent

50 Cent Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari revealed her “minimal income” when 50 Cent’s legal team questioned her about her finances in an effort to collect a $50,000 debt.

50 Cent continues to try to collect a $50,000 debt from Teairra Mari, but her financial situation is making it difficult.

According to Radar Online, the former Def Jam singer told 50 Cent’s legal team she barely has any income. She revealed her lack of funds during roughly three hours of questioning in a debtor examination.

A court filing says Teairra Mari “claims to have virtually no assets and virtually no sources of income and not have had any kind of employment since late 2019.” She’s allegedly earned “minimal income” from sponsored Instagram posts and her skincare business.

Teairra Mari also has zero interest in getting a nine-to-five job to help pay off her debt. She’s only looking for work in the entertainment industry and moved to Georgia to live with a friend while she looks for opportunities.

Three years ago, Teairra Mari joked about her inability to pay 50 Cent in a song called “I Ain’t Got It.” But now, she’s willing to agree to a payment plan amid her money issues.

Teairra Mari ended up with a $50,000 debt after a failed lawsuit against 50 Cent. She originally owed $30,000 to cover his attorney’s fees, but the debt increased due to her refusal – or inability – to pay him.