Tekashi69 Is Depressed, Unhappy With His Life, Rapper Vows To “Find The Joy” He Once Had

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi69 is extremely unhappy with his life and has promised to make a positive change. 

Tekashi69 is living proof that money alone, cannot buy happiness. 

The rapper, who has been missing from Instagram for weeks after publicly feuding with Lil Durk, Meek Mill, and others, finally popped out on Instagram today (April 3rd). 

Tekashi69, who was vacationing in the Dominican Republic, was brutally honest – he is sad, and unhappy with his life.

“I’m sorry I been away from music. In all reality I’m not happy. The fame and the money doesn’t mean anything to me because it doesn’t bring me joy,” Tekashi69 said. “I say all this because when your chasing your dreams in life remember God comes first. Never lose sight of that. He blesses you in life because he sees the good in your heart and with that blessing you learn to bless others.” 


Last month, the Brooklyn rapper seemed to be the picture-perfect image of happiness, as he paraded his fortune and gloated about all the money has made since being released from prison. 

He also showcased his new $1 million necklace which ejects water out of the pendant, in addition to a custom blinged out rainbow-colored spinning pendant.  

Tekashi 6ix9ine also displayed his custom car collection and his expensive watches. The rapper was proud of the fact that he has earned over $20 million since being released from prison in April of 2020. 

“Listen I know n##### be showing off they cars but I don’t believe these be their cars. Ya Heard? I believe them s#### be rentals, yaheard? Look at my f###### lineup,” the rapper said showing off his collection of pastel-colored Lamborghinis and Bentleys. 

“I own all these s####. These my s####. I don’t rent from nobody. These my f###### cars but neither here nor there, yaheard? Listen y’all n##### tell Meek Mill come fight me. Tell Meek Mill I want to fight that n#### one on one. And don’t even gotta trip about money and all that cuz I got more money than a n####. Look at my lineup. Look at these watches. This is $250,000 to a $1 million a pop n####, look, I don’t gotta fake front for you n#####. These all my s####, these all my cars. And for y’all little n##### that be getting Lambo trucks? For every rapper that get a Lambo truck it’s cuz they can’t afford this s###,” Tekashi 69 bragged. 

Tekashi 69’s notoriety and his ability to draw in millions of viewers to watch his infamous antics on social media, helped him land a $10 million deal with 10K Projects, just before he was released early from prison for testifying against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. 

His willingness to testify and accept a deal led him to be branded a “snitch” as he made his comeback. The accusation led him to confront Philly rapper Meek Mill in Miami, over comments he made while Tekashi69 was locked up and preparing to testify against his former gang. 

The “snitch” label also sparked another confrontation in Miami, and when things reached a boiling point, Tekashi69 through a bottle of champagne at a man, but projectile missed its intended target, and instead struck a stripped in the head, causing her to be rushed to the emergency room, where she received several staples in her head to close a gaping wound. 

And, “Supervillain” director Karam Gill said “the public and media hates him” because “he is truly a horrible human being who has done terrible things.”

After all of the drama, Tekashi69 vowed to change his ways until he finds himself. 

“I will continue my journey to find happiness within myself and find the joy I once had,” Tekashi69 stated.