The Game Convinces Woman To Eat Trash To Win Balenciaga Shoes 


The Game claims he has a new show coming, called “Anything For The Game,” testing just how far people will go for the rapper.

The Game dropped the highly anticipated Illmatic, earlier this month and heralded the project as ”the best rap album out.” 

He has loudly proclaimed he’s “the best rapper alive,” and after 20 years in the rap game, it appears he is having a little fun with his latest venture. 

He took to Instagram on Wednesday evening (Aug. 24) to share his new undertaking, “Anything For The Game.”  

The video begins with The Game strolling through a mall before he is spotted and approached by a fan. The Compton native says hello and asks if she likes Balenciaga, and the woman replies in the affirmative. “If I offered to buy you some heels, what would you do?” he questions. “Anything,” came the reply.  

“Aight, so you gotta dig in the trash can,” he instructs the woman. “First thing you find food wise, you just gotta eat it.” 

The woman pauses, while gaping open-eyed at The Game but then agrees to the challenge. “Okay,” she said before the scene cuts to show her with her hands deep in a trash can 

With the challenge completed, The Game and his first contestant head off to the Balenciaga store to collect her prize. Check out the clip below. 

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While it appears that the video could be a skit, The Game says this is the first installment in a series, with part two on the way. 

“ANYTHING ?!?!?!? Episode 1 lol,” he penned in the caption. The rapper then tagged a new “Anything For The Game,” Instagram account and told his fans to follow. “stay tuned for Ep. 2,” he added. “This is going to get good 🫣🤢🤮 #AnythingForTheGame.”