Too Short Apologizes For “Colorist” Comments

The Bay Area legend addresses his remarks about mixed heritage women.

A 2020 clip of Too Short is currently making the rounds on social media. In the video, the Oakland-bred Hip Hop artist spoke to California-raised performer Saweetie about biracial women and children.

“Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite,” said Too Short. “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed.”

The Life Is…Too Short album creator added, “I feel that way about life too. Like biracial babies are… You can take the two ugliest m############ from different races and make a baby and that baby would just be beautiful. It happens all the time.”

Too Short Apologizes

Some commenters claimed Too Short’s remarks perpetuated colorism which pits light-skinned Black people against dark-skinned Black people. Following the growing resentment over his conversation with Saweetie, Too Short offered a mea culpa.

“I would like to apologize to anyone that’s offended by my words,” stated Too Short. The 55-year-old West Coaster went on to say that race was never a factor for him in the Bay Area.

Too Short also said, “I’m not really into the whole hatred of ‘I hate you because you’re light or you’re the best because you’re dark.’ I’m not really into that. I love my blackness… Beauty is in every economic class, every race and you can go find that ugly exactly everywhere too.”

Saweetie Had Something To Say About The Colorism Controversy Too

Saweetie was also met with backlash over her conversation with Too Short. She was accused of not pushing back strong enough against Short’s comments about multiracial people.

“Since @idkthreat blocked me make sure y’all post the whole clip. Black women are beautiful period!” tweeted the “Tap In” rhymer on October 8. Saweetie also retweeted a previous quote where she referred to a question about whether dark-skinned women can be pretty as insulting.

Too Short is not the first celebrity to face accusations of discrimination based on skin tone. Queen Naija, JT, DaniLeigh, and Sada Baby have all dealt with being labeled a colorist at some point in their respective music careers.