Video Surfaces Of Cardi B Yelling Backstage At Grammys Amid Alleged Offset & Quavo Fight 

Cardi B

Cardi B allegedly got involved in the rumored fight between Offset and Quavo, shouting, “Both of y’all wrong.”

A video is circulating online of an upset Cardi B shouting at two people backstage at the Grammys amid a report that Offset and Quavo got into a physical fight during Sunday’s ceremony.  

iPhone footage obtained by ET shows the moment the NYC hitmaker got heated, although the targets of her rage were not caught on camera.  

“Both of y’all wrong,” Cardi B yelled. “This is not right,” she can be heard saying on the video. “No b#####, shut the f### up cuz you shouldn’t have been talking.” Check out the video below.

According to TMZ, Offset and Quavo “got into a physical fight and had to be pulled apart” backstage at the Grammys on Sunday (Feb. 5). 

The outlet reports the Migos members came to blows over the “In Memoriam” segment at the Grammys. The altercation allegedly took place just before Quavo performed his touching tribute to Takeoff. Rumor has it Quavo refused to let Offset participate in the remembrance on-air.  

However, following the TMZ report, Offset took to social media to deny the claims

“What tf look like fighting my brother yal n##### is crazy,” he wrote via Twitter on Monday. 

Cardi B has remained tight-lipped about the rumored fisticuffs and the footage of her allegedly yelling at Quavo and Takeoff.  

When ET caught up with her at the awards show and asked if she was “back here settling some stuff,” Cardi B was quick to brush the question aside. “Settling? The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey,” she replied, referring to her stunning mirrored chainmail gown.