Westside Gunn Addresses Conway The Machine’s Griselda Exit & Contract Dispute 

Griselda - Conway, Westside Gunn, Benny

After Conway The Machine left Griselda Records earlier this year, Westside Gunn said their pair are on good terms: “Griselda is forever.”

Westside Gunn has opened up on Conway The Machine parting ways with Griselda records after his brother left the outfit earlier this year. 

In February, Conway confirmed that he had fulfilled his contracts with Griselda and Shady Records stating, “It’s free agency right now.” A month later, the “Stressed” rapper addressed his departure during a Breakfast Club appearance. He revealed while he fulfilled his Griselda contract, it was never in his favor. However, he admitted neglecting to read the contact’s fine print.  

“When we did that s### in the beginning, I really wasn’t all the way… I’mma keep it a buck. I didn’t even read that contract, bro,” Conway said in March. “I didn’t read that s###—I just signed that s### and moved on. Unfortunately, the contract wasn’t in my favor. So now, going forward, it’s time to redo all that. I gotta make sure it’s in my favor now.” 

Nonetheless according to Westside Gunn, any financial disagreements he and Conway had are behind them now.  

“That’s my brother,” Gunn explained in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “That fool’s son is my nephew. If you ask that man now if I owe him a penny…that s### got twisted and screwed up. They tried to blow it out of proportion like I robbed my brother. And what he was saying was he never read the contract, which he didn’t.” 

“That’s my brother, but he can’t ever say I cheated on him,” Gunn continued. “That’s why you see, ain’t s### stop. We still been on tour since that came out, and we have done every festival since that came out. We’ve been on each other project’s since that came out. If somebody robbed you, why would you do that?”  

WSG also expressed his support for Conway’s Drumwork Music Group. “My brother’s a grown man; he wants to be a boss and have his chapter. Why not?” 

Gunn then suggested people “stay out of family business,” noting the brothers are now on good terms now. 

“Family sometimes have disagreements,” Westside Gunn admitted. “The negative narrative, that’s what people love. That’s what they want. And I’m trying to tell people, put this s### in bold letters: it’s never happening. Griselda is forever, can’t be stopped.”  

Last week, Westside Gunn dropped Ten, the final instalment in the Hitler Wears Hermes series. Stream it below.