Westside Gunn Blasts B. Dot Over 2022 Best Rappers Snub After Appearing On ‘Rap Radar’ Podcast  

Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn learned B. Dot left the entire Griselda collective off of his 2022 best rappers list after appearing on his podcast.

Westside Gunn was left feeling a little blindsided after sitting down for a “great interview” with B. Dot Miller, only to discover the Griselda camp was left off his Top 10 Best Rappers of 2022 list.  

The Buffalo native made a recent appearance on the Rap Radar podcast with B. Dot and Elliot Willson alongside Griselda’s Boldy James, Stove God Cooks, and Rome Streetz.  

While the interview seemingly went well, it was filmed before Westside Gunn became aware B. Dot failed to include any Griselda artists on his 2022 best rappers list.  

When iHeart Radio shared a preview clip of the podcast, the Griselda leader was quick to react.  

“This was a great interview but that was some weeks ago,” Westside Gunn Tweeted. “Now it’s F### 🖕🏽@bdotTM bc he just don’t get it & I wasted 2hrs of my time 🤣😂🤣 its @GriseldaRecords ALL YEAR 🦂⚖️🐐🖼 “ 

While WSG blasted B. Dot, he has no problem with Elliot Wilson shouting him out and noting, “He still good he rode thru the hood w/ me in the Bach #RIPHOVAIN 🤲🏽 #GXFR” 

Nonetheless a few hours later, Westside Gunn returned to Twitter to share a promo pic from the episode. However, he scribbled over B. Dot’s face and wrote “chump” above it.  

Griselda fans were left stunned after B. Dot shared his list in December, claiming the list does not reflect Hip-Hop without the Buffalo collective.  

“That’s only based on the opinions of that blogger but who are they fr 🤔” Gunn replied to a fan. “I bet u they look goofy even standing next to US, wat makes them truly valid why just bc they say so, them MFs ain’t nothing by dickriders for a living with cheap pay 😂😂😂” 

Westside Gunn Planning Rap Retirement

Meanwhile, earlier this week, the HWH creator revealed he’s leaving the rap game, but not before he gives his fans “the best show of their lives.” 

While trolling B. Dot, Westside Gunn revealed how long he plans to stick around, noting 2023 will be his “finale” year.