EXCLUSIVE: Yak Gotti Tries For Bond Again Despite Jail Behavior Since Incarceration In YSL RICO Case

Yak Gotti

Yak Gotti has made another attempt to be freed from prison after several wild incidents involving the rapper, who has been charged with RICO alongside Young Thug and others.

Rapper Yak Gotti, a member of Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life (YSL) crew, has made another motion for bond after being charged in the YSL Rico case.

Yak Gotti, whose real name is Deamonte Kendrick, was denied bond in June of 2022 after the State argued that he and his co-defendants posed a danger to the community.

Since the denial of the bond, several co-defendants have been offered plea agreements (including Gunna) and allowed to return to the community, despite previous arguments by the State that they posed a threat. 

Yak Gotti’s legal team has questioned the State’s consistency in assessing the defendants’ threat level.

The rapper’s legal team argues that he poses no significant risk of fleeing, committing any crime pending trial, or obstructing the administration of justice. 

They assure that Yak Gotti will comply with all court orders if he is granted bail.

Yak Gotti’s bond motion comes after several incidents that have kept him in the public eye. He was previously caught with a phone in the Cobb County Jail, which led to his bond being denied. 

Prosecutors also accused Yak Gotti of participating in gang activity since his arrest in May, alleging that he used another inmate’s code to use the phone inside the jail. 

His mother was also charged with a misdemeanor when authorities found rolling papers and tobacco in a bag she dropped off for him at the Fulton County Courthouse.

Yak Gotti is facing murder racketeering charges for allegedly participating in the killing of Donovan “Big Nut” Thomas, who was a close associate of rival rapper YFN Lucci, which sparked a war between the YSL/YFN faction of the Bloods.

Yak Gotti was accused of snitching after he was initially denied bond. He was forced to deny accusations that he allegedly cooperated with prosecutors in a 2015 fatal shooting involving YSL Duke.

Despite the charges and allegations, Yak Gotti’s legal team insists he is a hardworking family man with significant community support. 

They argue that the Court’s failure to set a reasonable bond for Yak Gotti has kept him unjustly incarcerated since his arrest.