YG Addresses Rumors He Dissed PnB Rock With “How To Rob A Rapper”


After #PnBRock was killed in LA, #YG dropped a controversial track.

The timing of YG releasing his music video for “How To Rob A Rapper” caused some music fans to question the West Coaster’s motive. The visuals dropped three weeks after a gunman killed PnB Rock during a robbery in Los Angeles.

“Catch a n#### lacking, he slacking on IG Live. He gon show his whereabouts on accident, he be high. He gon show the jewels he wearing and the car that he drives. Stupid n#### showed the same location three times,” raps YG on “How To Rob A Rapper.”

Those lyrics by YG appeared to echo many of the criticisms directed at PnB Rock’s girlfriend at the time of his death. Even celebrities, such as Kodak Black, slammed Stephanie Sibounheuang for posting the couple’s public location on the day of the shooting.

According to local authorities, Sibounheuang’s social media activity did not play a role in PnB Rock being gunned down at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffle. Multiple suspects reportedly arrived at the location before the Instagram posts went public.

YG insists “How To Rob A Rapper” was not a commentary on the murder of PnB Rock. The I Got Issues album creator stopped by the L.A. Leakers radio show, and he addressed the controversy surrounding the track.

“I gotta say this. ‘How To Rob A Rapper’ ain’t no a diss. It’s just a message to these rappers, ‘Please, be on your s###,'” said YG during his L.A. Leakers freestyle on Power 106.

The Compton native rhymed over Nipsey Hussle’s “Hussle In The House” from 2009. Hussle also lost his life in the Los Angeles area due to gun violence. YG ended his freestyle by saying, “Long live Nip Hussle. Long live Slim 400.”