Young Thug Associate Admits He Lied In All Police Interviews: “I Was Making Up Stories” 

Young Thug

Young Thug’s former associate, Lil Woody, claims he lied during police interviews and even confessed to being untruthful on the stand.  

Young Thug’s YSL RICO trial has been making headlines all week, with much of the news centered around the testimony of Thugger’s former associate, Lil Woody (real name Kenneth Copeland). 

After facing jail time for invoking his Fifth Amendment right and refusing to testify against Young Thug, Woody eventually took to the stand.  However, his time on the stand has been eventful, with Woody giving frustrating answers, firing his lawyer and admitting he lied in all his police interviews. 

At one point on Thursday (June 13), Woody admitted that he was answering “yes” to all the prosecutors’ questions to try and hurry the process. He then confessed that he lied during all his police interviews, dating back to 2015. 

“Every time they grabbed me, I had a different story for them,” Woody testified. “I was not truthful, I was saying whatever they wanted me to say … I was trying my best to convince them that I didn’t do nothing … You asked me if I was being truthful. I know I wasn’t being truthful.” 

He then claimed he doesn’t recall anything he said in past police interviews but none of it was truthful. “Whenever they was questioning me, I was lying. I was making up stories,” he added.  

Young Thug’s Attorney Alleges Witness Intimidation

Earlier this week, Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, was found in contempt and arrested, raising concerns about a private conversation between the judge, the prosecution and Lil Woody. He refused to disclose the source of his information, so Judge Ural Glanville ordered him to serve 20 days in jail. 

On Thursday, Steel shared his concerns with Judge Glanville that Woody is often accompanied by the prosecution team during breaks.  

“This is crazy,” Steel told the judge. “This is like communist Russia. Mr. Williams is having the worst trial. So I’m moving again to stop intimidating the witness by the prosecution, leave people alone and stop accusing.”