Diddy Reportedly Furious Michael Rubin Has Stolen His All-White Party ‘Pause King’ Crown


Will Diddy spin the block on Michael Rubin for stealing sauce?

Diddy apparently isn’t feeling the streets alleging his all-white parties aren’t as lit as Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin’s.

The commotion began last month with the internet rumblings of Lil Baby and Kyle Kuzma’s zesty photoshoots with Rubin—and Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady’s spicy dancefloor link-up at the party on July 3. In fact, Diddy was reportedly so p##### off that Hip-Hop media has given Rubin’s recent all-white soirée the crown for best industry function that he phoned up and cussed out a notorious gatekeeper. That is after allegedly text-bombing him for ducking his calls.

Diddy dropped the “Brother Love” act real quick and was apparently aggressively texting the OG “pick up n####” when his Instagram video calls were getting screened. Being coerced into getting chewed out for a podcast hot-take about a themed party is the craziest, most egomaniacal industry s### I’ve ever heard—so pretty on brand for Diddy if you think about it. This is low-key up there with the Making The Band Brooklyn Bridge cheesecake stunt.

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Though there’s no telling how deep under Diddy’s skin Rubin’s Hampton’s shindig has nestled, we all can be sure Puff will be seeking some type of vengeance. Folks said he’s the only muthaf##### that will threaten you with a smile—and I believe it. Y’all seen that video of Diddy in his Joker costume last Halloween? When bro gets into a character, he really be big tripping.


Hello my friends, I’m the Joker. I’m highjacking Halloween! Hahahaha 🃏🖕🏿🎃

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At any rate, Diddy has 35 days from the date of publication to host this year’s trendiest all-white party before Labor Day descends and coke boy fits are considered tacky.