Drake Been Subbing Ye And No One Knew It

Kanye West and Drake

Given the current conflict between Chris Paul and Ye, Drake has been subbing Ye for awhile. Did you peep? What do you think?

Ye and Drake may have settled their beef earlier this year but Drake’s been throwing subs for a while. Did you peep?

Ye’s mental state can be described as fragile at best right now. He’s expressed genuine love for Hitler, and his business deals have become a barn fire. To top it all off, He claims Phoenix Suns star point guard Chris Paul is out here fraternizing with Kim K. It’s been a tough week for ya boy.

Did the 6 God know something about the Point God back in September? Perhaps engaging in a little psychological warfare. To make matters worse, The Phoenix Suns’ official Twitter page supports the antics!

Three’s everywhere! We see Drizzy hiding his face in his Suns CP3 jersey. Meanwhile, his homies are rocking throwbacks from when Chris played for Lil Wayne’s hometown.

Despite this tweet being over a year old, it seems to be more than a comical coincidence given the current state of affairs.