Kanye West Goes Back To Popping At Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Pete Davidson has taken a loss and Kanye West is not going to let the break away from Kim K go without a parting shot.

Kanye West! You won, Bro!

Kanye West is legally married to Kim Kardashian. Clearly, they are in the midst of a divorce but they are still married. I have no reason to believe the divorce proceedings will not end in a complete separation but for the time being there Mari. As we reported, Kanye’s lawyer recently left him and he has to get another to finish the divorce.

Kanye West is always maintained an adversarial position with Pete Davidson. Davison is the comedian that made his bones on Saturday night live for most people. He seems to be a funny guy, but if you are Kanye you probably don’t want to see him with your wife. Kim also broke the mold of primarily dating black men with Pete.

Last week, we found out that Pete and Kim broke up. That dude tatted Kim and kids on his alabaster body. The result of all this crazy was just more headlines, but we knew Kanye was going to say something. And some thing he said. He post a faux New York Times headline stating “Skete Davidson dead at 28.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it appears to just say that it’s over with the name Kanye gave Pete. Or it could be saying “the beef is over,” but I doubt it.

Kanye sends this parting shot to poor Pete. This is the combination of an extended period against oh boy. He dissed Pete heavily in “Eazy,” a song with The Game. If you read the fine print, you realize he also disses the homie Kid Cudi. Look below.

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All Kid Cudi do was help Kanye and show he was a good friend. At least he is in the conversation.

I think all these delays will have Kanye trying to get Kim back and fixing his family. I could be wrong, but it sure is taking a long time.