Will Jim Jones, Meek Mill & Rick Ross Meet With Dee-1?

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Dee-1 and Jim Jones might be working their way to a peaceful resolution.

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Happy Monday! Hey guys, I have some good news to report. AllHipHop didn’t really cover this a whole lot, because we didn’t want to perpetuate possible violence. But last week The Rapper, Dee-1 and Jim Jones came to ahead. Previously, the New Orleans-based rapper had some heavy doses of tough love towards Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and Jim Jones. But he called them out…YIKES! 

Well, he’s basically calling out the most gangster of gangsters in Hip-Hop. It did not go over well. Dee-1 is a very very religious, conscious rapper that leans heavily into Christianity. His first name is Dave and his whole career, he’s fought Goliath. He’s a good person and he’s actually trying to do his best to do the right thing for the culture. He doesn’t feel like the Generals of Rap are doing what they need to do to change the tide that is affecting kids. And other things as well. At any rate, he did not stimulate positive dialogue with Jim Jones, Meek, or Rick Ross.

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Ross took it as a joke and made fun of him more or less, but he did mention some of the things he does in the community. Meek said something that was very nondescript. But Jim Jones seemed to get very upset. And it appeared as though something might happen to Dee-1.

Well, I am happy to tell you that that’s probably not going to happen. First of all, one of our AHH team members reached out to both parties and checked in. They said everything was “OK” and that violence would not break out, Secondly, I have a rumor that they are working on a moderated conversation that will take place in New York City. I think this is a great way to iron out the details and also present the issues in affair, unbiased, and productive way. No word if Jim and Meek will make it, but I am hearing Jim and Dee-1 are down.

This is good news!

Hip-Hop is now 50 years old, and we have to allow for discourse to happen. And folks should not be threatened with violence. Quite frankly, I doubt if Fat Joe would be threatened if he were to say these things. Not that Fat Joe was stand on such a platform but you get what I’m saying.

What do you think?

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