Red Cafe

Red Cafe’s “Top 5 Dead or Alive” & New Music

Bad Boy rapper Red Café and his label family will be performing live on BET’s 106th & Park today (December 8). Just last week, sat in with the New York MC to find out more about his upcoming album, Shakedown, to be released in February 2012. We also asked Red to list some of the influencers that helped shape his sound and love for rap over the years. Here’s his “Top 5 Dead or Alive”:
Red Café will be performing some of his current releases, as well as announcing some exciting news with upcoming projects, on 106th & Park.  Until then, follow him on Twitter at @RedCafe, and check out “Motto” below from his upcoming mixtape, Hell’s Kitchen:
  •  1st GAY, WACk

  • not me no homo grandpa (riley’s voice)

  • That upside down cross is wack too!

  • Ignore the religous fanatic beneath me, the album is called “Hells Kitchen” so having a cover with kittens chasing butterflies wouldnt be appropriate

    • red cafe is wack… without the sacrilegious gimmick this just makes it worse… Loosing more and more people that would actually cop his music and listen to him…

      I dare this fake thug/gangsta to draw a picture of mohammad disresepectfully or crossing out the koran…

      What a joke!

  • I agree with c4our here… WAAAAAAAAAACK! Red will NEVER make it. do something against islam then maybe I might have SOME respect for you Caffine