Lil Kim

Lil Kim, Lil Cease Celebrate Release Of B.I.G.’s “Life After Death” On MTV2

(AllHipHop News) Lil Kim and Lil Cease will co-host an upcoming episode of MTV2’s Sucker Free Countdown that will pay tribute to Notorious B.I.G.’s landmark album Life After Death.

The former Junior M.A.F.I.A members will join regular host DJ Envy to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Life After Death on Sucker Free Presents: Life After Death – 15 Years Later.”

The album, which featured a number of iconic artists, including Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Too $hort, was originally released on March 25, 1997 and has since sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

In addition to Lil Kim and Lil Cease, a variety of rappers will make appearances on the show to discuss B.I.G’s legacy and the impact of Life After Death and singles like “Hypnotize,” “Ten Crack Commandments,” “I Got A Story to Tell,” “More Money, More Problems” and others.

Newcomers like Mac Miller and Chiddy Bang will join vets like Redman, Ice Cube, Nas, DJ Premier, Style P., Pete Rock and others.

MTV2’s “Sucker Free Presents: Life After Death – 15 Years Later” is slated to air this Sunday (March 25) at 11:00PM EST.

  • glad to see they are reconciling

  • Wow. Lil’ Kim & Lil’ Cease in the same venue? It’s about time. Good for them.

  • Romia Blue

    I did an interview with Cease several years back and real talk, it’s about time Kim owns up to her dumbassedness. This split between them all; a good strain of it was on her own denial. This was definitely over due but it shouldn’t have taken a decade to get there

    • They not reconciling honey.  WTF are you talking about?  Lil Cease doesn’t have a career in music at all.  He didnt even write his own verse for Crush and You CamRon did.  And his ONLY solo studio album flopped beyond belief.  Why cant Biggies cousin get his own record deal Lil Kim was never even on Bad Boy.  Atlantic signed her.  She made mistakes but still worth over 20 Million and still working still a household name.  If she was so dumb then why Nicki Minaj copy her whole career? LMAO #haveaset

  • thats whats wrong with MTV, and BET,  i understand Biggie died, but so many really classic albums before Biggie that have passed that they done talk about, you have to die or rap about BS to get shine on those networks, how about come real classic albums from KRS, RAKIM, GANGSTARR, RUNDMC, G-RAP, DADDY KANE, BLACKMOON, WU, so many classics, dont wait for someone to be dead or killed to show them that love,,we have ICONS still alive in HIP HOP that people and young rappers dont go back and give props to like Melle Mell, Prince WHipper WHip, cats that help start what we call HIP HOP before the mainstream turned it into gimmicks and pop like drake, ross, jeezy, french and cats like that

  • rep87

    Lil Kim and  lil Cease should do a album call The Bitch & The Snitch ! Kim can rap i will give her that much but Cease cant rap maybe he can produce ?