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Snoop Supports Anti-Gun Movement via League of Young Voters

(AllHipHop) As the war on gun violence rages on and as we reflect on the Boston Marathon bombings, West Coast icon and Hip-Hop legend,  Snoop Lion has decided to do his part to end the violence.

As part of Snoop’s ongoing reincarnation to Rastafarianism, Snoop has most recently taken his stance on gun violence and is urging the youth to put down their weapons.

Seeking to secure peace across the world and within Hip-Hop, today (April 22)  The League of Young Voters Education Fund launched a grassroots non-violence campaign inspired by  Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg’s song “No Guns Allowed” ft. Drake Cori B – Snoop’s daughter.

The initiative was derived from startling statistics recently acquired by the League of Young Voters that state that a child or teen dies or is injured from guns every 30 minutes in the United States.

The primary goal of the campaign with Snoop is to decrease violence by advocating for youth violence prevention programs and background checks on firearm purchases.

During a recent appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Snoop explained how a rash of tragic school shootings motivated him to write “No Guns Allowed.”

“I wanted to make some music to try to help the next person who was thinking about loading a gun, going to a school and shooting. Maybe it would help him put that gun down and think about what he was doing before they [acted],” Snoop Lion told Morgan.

In an open letter to Snoop, which garnered national media attention from leading outlets, such as Politico and BET, Rob “Biko” Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters Education Fund said “I am so inspired that you are using your platform to speak up about the nation’s violence issue. I want you to know that the League of Young Voters Education Fund is committed to spreading your anti-violence message to prevent future tragedies.”

The buzz surrounding the open letter caught Snoop’s attention and prompted him to respond publicly via his Twitter account, which quickly led to a meeting between the superstar and leaders from the League.

Snoop is now publicly aligning himself with the League of Young Voters Education Fund and their “No Guns Allowed” initiative.

“‘No Guns Allowed’ is a really important song to me,” Snoop Lion said. “I’m humbled that an organization like the League of Young Voters Education Fund supports what I’m saying in it and is taking action. Especially since they have been doing work for a long time to spread an anti-violence message in our communities.”

Spreading this peaceful message is exactly what the League is doing with the announcement of their “No GunsAllowed” campaign which will include:

●     A non-violence pledge

●     A Causes petition supporting universal background checks and funding for violence prevention programs

●     Opportunities for people to share personal stories about how they’ve been affected by gun violence

●     An informative celebrity PSA series

●     A live streaming round-table discussion with key influencers and other special events

The League’s “No Guns Allowed” PSA series will use the power of storytelling to heal communities and develop innovative ways to stop violence. The videos will inform viewers about issues related to gun violence and feature celebrities, political figures, grassroots organizers and community members sharing their thoughts and personal experiences related to gun violence.

As part of a widespread social media push launching today, League of Young Voters Education Fund is also asking people across the country to submit personal stories and photos via Tumblr and share messages using the hashtag #NoGunsAllowed on Twitter and Instagram, expressing how they’ve been affected by gun violence.

“No Guns Allowed” themed events, including interactive live streams, and a round-table discussion with celebrities, community activists and political figures, will also take place. The League has been producing non-violence events, such as their Put the Guns Down rallies, for more than 10 years.

“The League is excited and honored by Snoop’s support for our ‘No Guns Allowed’ campaign,” Baker said. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with him in the near future to reach even more people and bring some much-needed attention to the work we’ve been doing for some time to make urban communities safer.”

Join the No Guns Allowed movement now by taking a pledge against violencesigning a petition in support of universal background checks and violence prevention programssubmitting personal stories today about how you’ve been affected by gun violence, and sharing photos and messages using the #NoGunsAllowed hashtag.

Visit for updates on additional “No Guns Allowed” activities from the League of Young Voters Education Fund.

  • therealest1

    New identity shit.

  • JerZeBoy

    Ask him if he thought that way 10years ago. Now that he can afford to have armed security 24_7 he is anti-gun advocate. lol

    • Don Wann Cook

      You sound stupid people change bro that man is like 40yrs old.Are you doing the same dumb shit you were doing 10 years ago? You live and you learn and Snoop has and is trying to do something good.

      • He still has armed security though!

      • DJ7

        And he gettin paid to say dumb isht like this….give up your heat….you might as well admit defeat !!

      • He been admitted defeat!

        It’s a cold world, gotta pack your own heat!

      • niggas do be doin the same old shit at 40

      • DJ7

        say word….nigs be doin dumb shit all the way to the grave B

      • DJ7

        Snoop buggin & you fell for it……smh

      • JerZeBoy

        Exactly @EDOGZ818:disqus! He still has armed security so how anti guns is he? Stupid? clearly you can’t read.

  • EQ

    the crazies dont give a can do all this positive stuff but at the end of the day its not enough to change crazy people..take all the guns away and mf’s will still find away to kill you

  • Hypocrite. Working for the white man (or should i say mixed man) now promoting they agenda

    • digitallife

      “Their” agenda…

  • coast

    Snoop Fraud

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  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    lost a lot of respect for Snoop with this. if you want to ban guns because of these psychos killin people then ban cars for DUIs.

    • digitallife

      I fail to see how something that’s primarily designed for transportation can be compared to something that’s primarily created to kill things.

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        because guns don’t shoot themselves and cars don’t drive themselves. my point is it’s comes down to responsibility.

      • digitallife

        Funny you mention responsibility. You do realize in order to drive a car you must pass exams right? Exams that merit your ability to handle said responsibility. We cannot say the same about guns, nobody takes a class to buy a gun, in some states you don’t even need a background check. So again how do the two compare? The only requirement in the majority of states that have background checks is no felony record lol. Funny enough many other countries have bans on guns and have less than 1/3rd our crime problems because of it. If someone steals your car they aren’t likely to go on a killing spree, but a gun that’s stolen from your house can easily be and highly likely to be involved in inflicting violence towards others. There are about 150 studies in the last 5 years alone that disprove any argument you can make in comparing guns to cars, drugs, etc. A gun has one single isolated function..that’s it. Also explain to me why anyone who is not a criminal or in law enforcement needs a gun?

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        So by putting a ban on guns that will automatically remove the guns from criminals? it’s so easy to get a gun on the streets. all these laws will do is make it harder for a law abiding citizen to own a gun. and yeah obviously you have to pass tests to get a license but i see people every day on the road that sure as hell shouldn’t be operating a 4,000 pound vehicle. You’re last sentence is the dumbest thing i’ve ever read “Also explain to me why anyone who is not a criminal or in law enforcement needs a gun.” Good job on being completely brainwashed.

      • digitallife

        With a ban goes an incremental increase in the severity in penalty for having one, much like when certain drugs go into certain categories. If you were logically facing 10 to 20 years for having a gun would you carry one as a criminal when the crime you want to commit would get you considerably less time than the weapon you’d be using? You cannot take a 4,000 pound vehicle into an elevator and go run over an entire office, you cannot take your ford hybrid into a school and run over 18 kids, you cannot accidentaly launch your 4,000 pound car through someone’s window and accidentally kill them because your car went astray. Brainwashed? Son do you think this is the wild west? Seriously, there is no logical reason for a private citizen of no extraodinary wealth to carry a gun. NONE!! Take a minute out of your arguing to actually use google for a change to see what professionals have discovered in their research about this. Or do you also need me to do that for you?

      • RichFromBX

        actually, the ban that was discussed doesn’t include the increase of the severity of owning or using an illegal firearm – if it did, I would’ve been more supportive of it and that’s coming from a legal weapons owner – the main reason I have mine, home protection…I live in an area where there’s a high likelihood should someone break in to my home they’re probably strapped – yes, the easy answer is to move but not all of us can afford to live in low crime areas…I would agree that there’s no reason for the average person to be walking the street with a gun on them but I don’t agree that I should be told I can’t have one in my home, responsibly…

      • You bugging famz!

        We both know that whoever runs up in yours, is strapped, and probably strapped when they going to buy a beer at the bodega.

        Why shouldn’t you & everyone else be allowed to escort your famz grocery shopping or bill paying among the bad guys while strapped?

      • RichFromBX

        common sense being the main reason why everyone shouldn’t be walking the street with gun on them – even if you are strapped and someone pulls on you, the likelihood you’re going to pull your’s out and get them first is slim to none or the other scenario is that someone who has a gun on them will be approached by another person and the “I’m getting him before he gets me” mentality takes over and dude with the gun is going to jail for murder…

        however, I will say this, if the carry laws were like they are in arizona where so long as it’s out in plain view then I would be fine with everyone carrying on them because there’s less likely to be a problem – if you look at the number of murders per 100,000 inhabitants it’s the same in 2013 as it was in 1960…

      • If the carry laws were “Carry what & How you want” along with Kennesaw, Ga., ( << Lowest crime rate in country? ) law, making it mandatory to have a gun in the house, how much 'chet would pop off?

        Look at Chi Town, they have strictest laws & highest rate per capita?

        That's like outlawing "Swinging Back" after you get snuffed.
        Self defense & it's natural.

        The amendments are written in order for a reason, most important….but what is the MAIN amendment?

      • digitallife

        The amendment was written in 1791, when we as a nation were still expanding west and had to worry about having the country taken over and being killed by native indians. That is the sole reason the amendment was created.

      • No mention of Indians being a threat to the security of the free state if unregulated.

        Section by section, phrase by phrase, it means the people have the right, no DUTY, to “Check”, or be able to check, the militia, by any definition.

        Hitler registered, then took firearms, before implementing the holocaust.

      • “there is no logical reason for a private citizen of no extraodinary wealth to carry a gun. NONE!! “..Digitallife

        ***So only the rich should be able to protect themselves?
        Excuse the pun…but you shot yourself in the foot on that one!

        Your momma, wife or daughter doesn’t deserve the right to defend themselves against rape & robbery by knife or physical force if they aren’t extraordinarily wealthy?

        Sorry, you lost on that!

      • digitallife

        My point is that the average american citizen with as much debt and ishhh is more likely to turn to that gun to bust it than someone who is well off..that’s the point I was trying to make.

      • Debt = Slavery

        Class warfare?

        Who mingles with the debt laden, but the bankers & other debt laden mudda Chuckaz?

        When that poor person turns to crime, where is he going to hit? A flight to Beverly Hills or the local store? Who will he see copping milk, bread & eggs? Donald Trump or another poor person?

      • digitallife

        Ed that’s absolutely a ludicrous and convenient argument. Debt = Slavery, yes one you volunteered your way into. Nobody is forced into debt. I doubt that poor person would be holding up a local store with a knife..again back to the gun aspect.

      • Not really, the Fed Reserve act / national debt forces citizens into debt, then there is the banking cartels interest, etc.

        Robberies happen with knives all the time, as well as rapes.
        Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

      • digitallife

        The likely death rate by firearm in the uk is 0.25 per million the u.s. it’s 10.20 per million residents. Now please tell me how i’m still not making any damned sense here. We rank #57, while serbia which has had two civil wars and an abundance of guns is listed at 55…please explain this to me. We don’t live in a nation under war but we have just as many deaths as they do from firearms.

      • Actually, we are living under war.


      • digitallife

        While yes we are living under a social economic and race/religion war we aren’t living a war where folks are getting bodied just to run the country like in serbia cuz. My point is these dudes are justifying guns like we are worried about being invaded by canada and hiding behind the amendment that way.

      • No, they are worried about the “social economic and race/religion war” (*By the way, very nicely put ^^ ) which is being fought as a form of slavery, as opposed to ruling.

        The power structure is locked down, no fighting over that, the fight is “potentially?” between the power structure & those who don’t want to live under it.

        14th amendment citizens that are “PROPERTY” of a nationalized slave trade, or people who just live there & want to be free.

      • digitallife

        You are talking about antiquated amendments that served a purpose in their time. Automatic weapons were not part of that amendment because they did not exist. Most people had bolt action weapons during that time. I’m pretty sure that if they could envision people with uzi’s, ar’s, ak’s, etc that amendment would’ve never been passed. I respectfully disagree with many of the opinions here, i’ve actually lost loved ones to gun violence that weren’t criminals, that weren’t drug dealers, that weren’t anything but working class people. There is no logical explanation why anyone and I mean anyone as a private citizen should own an automatic weapon. There isn’t a single reason that anyone can logically give to make a case for it. No non criminal needs a gun that can spit out 16 bullets every 5 seconds. You want to protect yourself? You want to protect your home? Contribute to your community get to the kids before the streets do, educate them, empower them to strive for better. There is a reason the urban areas of this country are a continuing cycle of pain and blood.. it isn’t the governments fault, it isn’t the white man’s fault, it’s our own fault because we let go of the community mentality our elders used to have in their time. We all talk good game but we won’t put in the work to change the mentality in our own neighborhoods. That’s the reality and we can politic on here as men of color about right or wrong but the violence on our streets isn’t going to change until we take the forum from these closed circles and into the ears, hearts, and minds of our own people. I came up in Harlem during the crack epidemic, I wanted out and I got out but I had to sacrifice a lot of fun and cool ish in order to do so. At the end of the day if we can’t change the perception, if we can’t change our nature, if we can’t educate other young men to not act on their impulses our grand kids will be having the same discussion some day. We as people need to take responsibility for the cultures we feed or allow to infect our blocks. We still have the same ills our elders had but they managed under the same duress with a better sensibility of human life. While yes we can argue that the goverment does not put into place good enough education, etc..programs etc etc..the best education in life starts at home. Peace be onto you brother.

      • Peace:
        I agree with what your saying about responsibility & community 100%, but that isn’t the issue.

        The 2nd amendment was about freedom / protection from tyranny, so in spirit, the founding fathers wanted the people to be on par with the Military, when it came to armament.

        They had muskets & Cannons, and the population was allowed to own cannons.

        When it comes to self defense, there is / was no limits on what could be used. If possessing training with & using an auto weapon was the difference between slavery & freedom, it’s no doubt in my mind the founding fathers wouldn’t have chose slavery.

      • the balls on you….What SOVEREIGN right do you have to dictate the weaponry or amount of ammo that I deem necessary. My rights are given by The Creator, WHO ARE YOU? What flag do you claim allegiance? You can’t be American. Again I ask, what gives you right to clarify the rights of others, Answer this please, if you dare.

      • digitallife

        Here we go with the imperialistically overused rant about sovereign rights to bear arms. Here we go with the we need our guns to make sure the government doesn’t cross the line. I see what you are loading up for bro and I won’t bother entertaining sheer hypocrisy on those grounds.

      • The same reason anyone who doesn’t work for the Fire Department still needs a fire extinguisher.

      • Roscoe

        If a passed driver’s exam demonstrates one’s ability to operate a vehicle successfully, there should’t be more fatalities involving vehicles than firearms each year. It’s very short sighted or disingenuous to state that firearms are only for killing. There is a reason why criminals prefer to rob or otherwise physically victimize unarmed people – they have no fear of getting shot. Firearms are deterrents first and killing machines second in the hands of law abiding citizens against criminals. You may be dead and buried by the time your assailant is caught if you have no effective means to defend yourself. Unless you have full time armed guards, there very likely will be no one to come to your rescue until it is too late. You can be a potential damsel in distress if you want to.

      • digitallife

        Lmao do you understand how a robbery works? A robbery is dependent on a major factor..catching a victim unsuspectingly. Do you understand what that is? That means I caught you by surprise, now if I have a cocked ratchet pointed at you do you honestly think you’ll be able to pull yours out before I unload half a clip into you? 10.8 percent of all murders in this country occur when a victim decides to fight back against their mugger. That’s a lot of deaths of people who think just like you do…again the numbers don’t lie and google can provide you all the numbers you need on this.

      • Were they armed when they fought back?

        Not all robberies are by “TOTAL” surprise, but it’s even harder to surprise someone when they are armed.

        When you go to rob & unload that 1/2 a clip, you would think twice if everyone else around had clips to unload too.

        IE: Predator 2 Train Robbery scene

        Would you really want to run up into McDonald’s & try & rob it, when you suspect a glock in everyone’s waist band ….or would you rather run up in there & fill out an application & live another day?

      • DJ7

        you made it impossible to argue that scenario….only a dead man walking would disagree…

      • It’s basic survival.

      • DJ7

        You are mos def on the buggin out spaceship along w/ Snoop & others B….numbers LIE all the time son…they can be fudged to fit the agenda @ any time by whomever’s conducting the survey…for ex…during elections, poll #’s can not be verified with pin point accuracy for numerous reasons b.u.t. news outlets will report them as the gospel….there is no way possible to get an accurate count….despite the advancement in technology

      • digitallife

        LMAO…listen I love how the NRA has brainwashed folks into thinking they need a gun. Funny how other societies manage to live long healthy lives with out ever owning one. No way to get actual stats? Really…in this day and age? Really!! You do realize all medical professionals have to create a report of death right? Every single last one in an non third world country…every single last death.

      • >>In Fif’s Voice : “Police’s response to shots fired is never fast enough!”

      • The same reason anyone who doesn’t work for the Fire Department still needs a fire extinguisher.

        Hunting, Target & self defense,
        Violence begins with poverty, according to the U.N.’s study, and America has 47% on food stamps, with plenty living below the poverty line.

        Self Defense

      • digitallife

        Hunting = Bolt action. You cannot spray a bolt action gun. Why does a person need an ar automatic gun? If you need 40 bullets to kill a bear or deer or pheasant you should probably not be hunting. I get those stats but here’s the stat that are 42% as likely to be shot by an automatic gun and die from it here than in the united kingdom. They have adverse poverty as well.

      • A person doesn’t need an SUV, Luxury Car, or sports car, when a bicycle, scooter or Hyundai is transportation.

        The 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting, go read it & tell me what you think it says, what you think it means, & interpret it.

        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        A well regulated = Warren G / Regulate ‘chet, Hold it down,

        >>In Charlie Murphy’s Voice : “ChecK!!”

        >>Punches palm of left hand with right hand

        Militia = Different things to different people, the government = National Guard / Selective Service, etc., to the people it means Rednecks in the woods, Black Panthers, etc. *That’s in dispute?, so whatever you want it to mean….I’ll accept that.

        Whoever the Militia is, they need to be well “Checked”

        >>In Charlie Murphy’s Voice : “ChecK!!”

        >>Punches palm of left hand with right hand

        X 2

        >>In Charlie Murphy’s Voice : “ChecKKED!!”

        >>Punches palm of left hand with right hand, slower, more aggressively this time

        “being necessary to the security of a free State” = The state’s security is gone, if the Militia, whomever they are, isn’t checked. The Militia’s “Checking” :

        >>In Charlie Murphy’s Voice : “ChecKKED!!”

        >>Punches palm of left hand with right hand, slower, more aggressively this time

        Is “NECESSARY” for the security of the free state, you can’t have a secure state without it.

        “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” = Some dispute appears to arise out of the meaning of “Infringed”.

        No mention of hunting in there, only security.

      • NoChaser

        You must be from England, ain’t nobody running around with automatic weapons shooting people in America. Owning a gun is a right for all American citizens to defend ourselves and our property. Remember driving is only a privilege not a right like owning a firearm.

      • digitallife

        I’m from Harlem. Defend yourself and property from who and what? Do you know why the right was granted? Do you know the year it was added? Do you even know the standards behind the amendment? Clearly you don’t. Learn ALL of the details about something before you speak on it because right now I can tell you didn’t pay much attention to the actual facts behind that right which has been exploited and used over and over like we are still living in that era.

      • NoChaser

        To protect myself and my property from anyone who attempts to take it. The original intent of the amendment was to fight back against England and yes to enslave slaves. Breaking news to you slavery is over we now have same rights as all Americans and that’s one of the main reasons you should have a firearm. Don’t be brainwashed by Bloomberg and Guiliani with their illegal stop and frisks.

      • Jeff Active Reynolds

        Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Hypocrite How can u rap about killing people and the gangsta lifestyle then all of a sudden you cant sell records so u try something new and change who u are. No longer a fan I wont even torrent his future albums. Anti-Snoop

  • Snoop is an illuminati stooge and does whatever they ask. When they need a clown – they use Snoop. When they need a dangerous rapper – they use Snoop. It is all promotion and helps to keep him famous and rich as they promised. This guy made a career off of talking about drugs and killing – and he even killed (or someone else killed and then used it to make Snoop appear ‘real’ to be sold to the public) someone! F Snoop and the rest of these Uncle TOm house niggas!

    • Don Wann Cook

      You can’t be for real pot head half baked high all the time snoop is in the illuminati lolz bro! So just anybody can join so if a crackhead hit the powerball he can join as well yall niggas kill me with this shit.Snoop is straight hood that nigga ain’t no illuminatist

      • They picked him, he did not pick them. He is no member but one of the many public stooges whom they pay well to promote their ideas. Did you ever ask yourself why Snoop stays in the media year after year when he should have been played out before the year 2000? The guys does not even make hits and most of his song have been very boring except his first album and the “Drop it Like it’s Hot” era. When you wonder why some people won’t get played out, the illuminati is your answer.

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  • digitallife

    Wow so now we are crucifying a man for trying to represent something positive? Damn how far we’ve fallen. People apparently can’t change their outlook and beliefs without being sellouts. The man has grown kids, i’m sure his perspective has changed a hell of a lot as a man since his doggystyle days. I’m sorry but I can’t knock someone trying to put some positivity out there. The man nearly went to jail for life over gun violence, lost a close friend to gun violence when he could’ve been in the same car and encountered the same fate yet people expect him to not change? SMDH. I doubt most of us will look at things in the same light in our mid 40’s as we did in our mid 20’s.

    • Roscoe

      Giving up your right to defend yourself and your family is not positive. Snoop Fraud didn’t stop promoting criminal gun activity in his thirties nor when he became a father. He is now forty-one with more than twenty years of murder on wax under his belt. It stretches my imagination that he will stop performing his hits glorifying murder when he is on stage. Cross your fingers lol

    • n n

      Only white people would complain about this they are not effected by guns like black people.

      • Bool’chet…how many shooting victims were unarmed, and wouldn’t have been victims….maybe defendants? if it weren’t for BS laws.

        When he says No Guns Allowed, he means for the people…not The Rodney King / Sean Bell / Amadou Diallo cops.

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  • messias3


  • Big up to snoop, i dont think he says no to guns, im sure he still owns a couple, just to be wary of what s going on, and take care of your own. man if we could make it a killing every hour instead of every half hour, it would be a great accomplishment

  • Rusty Shackleford

    snoop is a convicted felon. convicted felons are not allowed to own firearms.