Openly Gay Rappers Criticize Eminem For “Rap God” Lyrics

(AllHipHop News) Eminem is no stranger to controversy. The multiplatinum selling rapper has had religious leaders, women’s groups, and LGBT activists criticizing his brand of music since he first appeared on the scene in the late 90’s. It appears members of one those communities are still upset about Em’s choice of lyrics in his most recent song “Rap God.”

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Two openly gay performers released statements about what they view as homophobic slurs on the track. One of those critics, singer-songwriter/rapper Solomon, had previously appeared on Eminem’s satellite radio channel Shade 45.

“When he invited me on his radio station a few years ago, I thought he put all of this aside,” stated Soloman. “He’s using the word f*ggot to degrade another man. As if the worst thing a man can be is gay. What type of message does that embed into the minds of young kids, both gay and straight?”

“He’s a lil’ too old to be using gay and f*g and sh*t as an insult; playground  s**t,” added Soloman’s labelmate and fellow openly gay rapper LastO. “It’s ironic because I’m sure when he was coming of age, more black folks walked over him…than anyone gay ever did.”

Eminem becomes the latest rap star to face heavy criticism this year over lyrical content that some have found offensive. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and J. Cole have all had to apologize at one point during 2013 for particular references and choice of words from one of their verses.

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