50 Cent: Young Buck, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Are The Same Person To Me

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent was on Sirius XM’s Town Hall series giving brutally honest perspectives on his G-Unit past. During the interview, 50 Cent explained why a new G-Unit album has not happened, why he believes Tony Yayo will never change and how all the old G-Unit members are all the same to him.

G-Unit have not released an album together since 2008’s T.O.S (Terminate. On. Sight). According to 50, that is a result of the other members of G-Unit rightfully wanting to pursue their solo careers independent of the domineering presence that is 50 Cent:

You have to understand, their entire career they’ve been standing next to me on stage and not being the actual focus. That’s the way it first started. 50 Cent project and then you going to stand there until I say we going to sell your project. Okay, we going to sell yours now.

50 Cent also brushed off Tony Yayo’s comments on his personal Instagram in late February about quitting the music industry due to “too many b*tch as* n**as” wanting him to “brown nose all the time”:

I’ve seen [Yayo] say ‘sorry’ more than anything else in our conversations. His sorry don’t mean sorry. His sorry mean ‘nah man…chill ’till next time. That’s what he means, because he’s going to do it over and over. I love him. I grew up with him.

When asked about the early members of G-Unit, 50 simply said “Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo are the same person to me.”

50 Cent’s full Sirius XM Town Hall interview will be available on Sirius XM radio station and website on March 31st.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    LOL the man is on a rampage

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  • kermitdahustla

    you can take the person out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the person

  • MrNoName2K

    I aint mad at him. He gave em the rope and told em do what they will..niggas just got too comfortable being the man next to the man. All business, nothing personal

  • southside4lyfe

    Sometimes I feel like they should have locked his ass up in the padded room right next door to gucci mane.

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  • Live Well

    The Unit is kinda like Wu as far as their brotherhood. They’re family for life but always beefin about business.

  • Street-Fame

    Ya Mans Priceless…If ya Mans Loyal…Banks & Yayo been Loyal…Buck was a Go Getta…I Guess U can’t out shine ur Master

  • brotha_man

    the one thing about fif is the man is about business and if ur not then u will get left behind.

    Bring a horse to water type $hit

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u get asssBlasted daily u cornball troll. QUEENS!

      • brotha_man

        u probably in a storm trooper outfight swinging a lightsaber in front of the mirror. I hate small town trolls. fake queens representative

  • scullyson

    Fif a wild mofo….lmao…

  • Eny Daboss

    lol see this is what i was talking bout all these motherfcker were defending 50 in all the beefs he went thru they were taking shot for him… now look at them… only game saw the btch in 50, this is why he stop beefing ppl that was going at 50… 50 only destroy 3 carrers ( yayo, buck, and banks) cause murder inc was killed by the feds and the irs

    if bank wasnt stupid he would have been here doing crazy songs and get paper… when young buck saw the btch in 50 it was to late… and yayo lolllll this niqqa was to slow he took him 10 years to see tht 50 was done with them all

    • Slick Blak

      Please dude Buck and Game murdered their own careers by not being LOYAL when your BOSS in a war with MFKRS you can’t want to fk with them. And one thing you will not take from 50 is HE MURDERED JA RULE CAREER and JA was the TOP artiste for the Inc. thus he DESTROYED THE INC. The FEDS went with the crumbs.


    Lets see ja, irv gotti, master p, rick ross, jimmy ivone, world star, fat joe, camron, da lox, jay z, puff, oprah, nas, mayweather, game, now yayo, banks and that’s just half the list. I’m just saying if you have a problem with everyone it’s not them it’s you, but like my nigga Rico Love say these, these bitches be like…… It’s funny the same bs he’s talkn bout yayo and banks is the reason he had a problem wit game, when game wanted to do his own thing 50 had a problem wit it cause he felt he wanted everyone under that same g unit umbrella but now yrs later this is what he wanted banks and yayo to do lol smh u can’t listen to this bitch unless u wanna laugh

    • water_ur_seeds

      Its because he’s all about looking after himself, number one… Thats how he survived, a determined and focused ‘them or me mentality’

    • Slick Blak

      WTF are you talking bout! He fell out with Game cause game wanted to stay Neutral on the Fat Joe beef smh. Buck came out on stage with LilWayne when Wayne and 50 was beefing. 50 respects LOYALTY ALONE nothing else. When you grew up like him LOYALTY is PRICELESS get your facts straight smh are you even from NY? and are you even over 18?

  • water_ur_seeds

    TBF it seemed that Banks, Yayo and Buck didnt have as much hustle in them as 50, they where happy to have paper, but 50 wanted looooooooooong paper lol He was always looking out for them, trying to get them to eat right and train etc Gave them all money to wear G Unit, and they didnt wear the clothes enough lol

    • $11625525

      Young Buck had the hustle, the rest didn’t. Don’t you remember when 50 fined him for going in the studio to record without his permission?

      • water_ur_seeds

        Nah I dont remember that, thats is bullschit move by 50 if its true!

  • andone

    young buck might still have a chance wit the unit then?

    • Jayson C Williams

      I think so. Everyone except game

  • They’re playing games with you emotional clowns… LoL. Yayo is in both his new videos for that Animal Ambition album. Ya the new bitches and they need to keep ya talking. I’m starting to notice I don’t ever see any females commenting on these stories just a bunch of salty a** crabs. LoL

  • brian nichols

    When was the last time 50 had a hit? I get money, 07?

    • Jayson C Williams

      Ok true but he doesn’t need one and he’s dominating headlines like he’s justin beiber

    • Jonathan Bacher

      copy and paste, that all you do ?

    • Embassy

      Down On Me by Jerimih

    • bigdoe6

      He still touring off his first album that YOU purchased. Why does he need a hit record?????

  • PhilTheGreat

    He is never afraid to answer a question… Haha.


      lol… Of course he ain’t… 50 aka the professional shit talker… That nigga said in “Hold On”… ” on the phone I heard Yayo is smacking the shit outta kid/ Now Jimmy got Life Go Smack him again”…

      • Jayson C Williams

        That was hard don’t front lol

      • Obi Won

        Yeah that was a CRAZY line, 50 still grimey as hell


    5-0 is a COLD mofo, these ‘partners’ are like ‘strangers’ to him NOW…….. they never built a ‘back-up plan’, now they are ASSED OUT! 50 is an INDIE artist & gonna flex his INDIE POWER!

  • Jayson C Williams

    He’s being honest.. At least he is speaking the truth. No fabricating, they wanted to be hot on their own so gone on and do it. They wanted to be him, and they failed. So why would u touch damage goods esp since they all are speaking out against him. There’s no cash money situation here, or dipset. These niggaz is millionaires! All of them were! This man 50 use to pay their taxes (buck). How long does he have to hold their hands?

    • Slick Blak

      Correction Banks has kept his mouth shut no greasy talk from him. Yayo going speak what he feels because he was always the older head in the crew.

  • baller187

    50’s only chance would be to bring game back and so a song, that will never happen, so its over for 50 anyway

    • $11625525

      Game? Are you having a laugh? Game is another hip hop caricature. 50 is a brand, game is a guy who will always be in 50’s shadow, which is why people like you will always bring his name up.

  • RIV

    Fif says what he wants….
    nobody cares riv GOOGLE that

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Fif and Tony gonna always be cool regardless I think. Its effed up they aren’t effing with Banks anymore tho.

    • Slick Blak

      Where did you get that from? They still fks with banks infact Banks was the only one that went Platinum so banks already doing his independent grind.

  • bigdoe6

    Just brothers fighting that all it is. 50 made sure all these niggas made enough money to get their moms out the hood for good. 50 can’t continue to feed them like that. Banks is a ill rapper. He needs to start dropping music and videos. All his mixtapes be fire.


    50 CENT fans (me included) recognize that this cat made some dope albums caught lightning in a bottle(timing is everything) & his Success fed his ego….50 CENT STANS think this man is the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, turns water into wine & raises the dead. They never mention the constant hypocrisy of who he is. He dissed Ja Rule for singing & he started singing. He dissed Ja for going pop yet he did pop songs(Ayo Technology). He clowned guys for low to no record sales & being on Koch/E1. He’s been blaming Interscope for at least 3 years now for no release date but it’s all good now that he’s on Caroline/Capitol or whatever it’s called.

    • TruthSerum

      Pride comes before the fall…… The only reason I don’t feel bad for him. In all honesty Interscope did do him dirty by pushing his album back and leaving him for dead after all the money he made for them……But it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

    • $11625525

      There’s a difference between creating a pop song [to expand your brand] and going all the way pop by completely watering down your music; Listen to “Venni Vetti Vecci”, it’s a classic hardcore hip hop album, then go listen to the next two Ja Rule albums, he turned into a caricature.

      People always want to cite the Ja Rule beef as though that made 50 Cent’s whole career, you gotta remember that the beef between them went beyond music, so it’s not even worth mentioning now, 50’s in a different lane. Do you think anyone besides those who were into early Ja Rule actually understands or even thinks about that?

      He’s gone independent, why? Because he had beef with Jimmy Iovine who wouldn’t let him release his album, he’s taken control of his own musical destiny and he has a big enough brand following for it to be a success.

      You obviously take his beefs very personally, he’s a businessman and an entertainer now, that street dude is tucked away for hard times [if they ever reappear]. I’ll wait for the album, listen to it, if I like it I’ll bump it, if not I’ll leave it alone. For the record, I only bought Get Rich, the other albums were sub par for my liking, this new one sounds like it’s going to be gritty.

    • Obi Won

      People also forget that 50 read and studied the 48 Laws of Power, and simply used it in the rap game. He set Ja Rule up perfectly

    • Leon Shuttlesworth

      What goes up/ must come down.. a 50 Fan myself.. by fan I meant i financially went out and brought his music. buck and games albums… never liked banks sound and yayo man please I am a hip hop fan not a groupie….

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  • King Flashy TheFirst

    At some point you really should stop publicly shitting on your friends. He talks more shit about Yayo and Banks, than Buck and Game.

    • WeakSauce

      Tell me, where in the article is he talking shit?

  • Jahb1911

    nobody cares about this guy anymore.. he’s becoming delusional.. take your money and go home!! your a very rich man!!

  • BigHomie337

    U niggas are really reaching on here. Lol. The dude never dissed any of them in this article. He said they wanted to be their own artist and do shit themselves. Then he said he luvs Yayo. So where exactly did he diss them? 50 is and was a loyal dude but u can’t be loyal to niggas that’s not being positive or else they’ll bring u down with them. 50 kept buck out of jail twice. Once with the incident when dude slapped Dre and buck stabbed him on camera, and the other with buck first IRS issue when 50 loaned him 200,000 that he still hasn’t paid back. Yayo would probably be dead if it wasnt for 50. He has absolutely no talent but has always enjoyed the fruits of 50’s labor by just being loyal. He brought absolutely nothing to the group but became a lot richer than too rappers during that time. I never heard Banks say shit and I can respect that. 50 helped all them niggas become millionaires and he ain’t never been as shady as his peers such as Puff, Jay, Baby, or Dre when it came to his artist.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    no body wants to remember that 50 wouldn’t let yayo & banks sign to other deals when he first got signed with shady. so he can’t complain now, he has to just keep feeding the wolves

    • PorchBoySlim

      Nobody remembers b/c its a lie. 50 didn’t have a label when he signed with shady so how could he stop them from getting a solo deal?

      • Da Ledgendary

        It was on the dvd doc that came packaged with some copies Get Rich or Die back in early 03. 50 layed out the game plan for everybody. He said he after he sold about 5 mil of GRODT, he would go to Interscope and negotiate a label deal for his G-Unit Records. Both Yayo and Banks were offered solo deals from Capitol and Warner Bros. Yayo even showed text messages on his 2-way of a labels offering him million dollar deals. They turned them down to follow 50. 50 himself said that he didn’t want to have to deal with his crew being on several different labels. Its not that 50 did not allow them to sign their own deals per se, he just convinced them to follow his lead and would sign them one he gets G-Unit Records official backing. They trusted 50 because they were already making a killing by reinventing the mixtape game. It worked out for everybody. The agenda was for everybody to blow up off a 50’s fanbase while spinning off their own fanbases then eventually branching off and doing their own thing as they would no longer need 50 to support their careers. The problem was, 50 spoon fed them everything in the beginning, made them millionaires, and rather them appreciating 50, they got spoiled, lazy and expected 50 to do everything for them. 50 grew wary and eventually cut every in the crew off and told them to get their own managers because he’s focused on his own career from now on.

  • $11625525

    50 did nothing wrong, in my mind, he gave these guys opportunities so, unless he was picking wack beats for them, all they had to do was make quality songs in their own right to maintain the G Unit brand and build their own names off of that.

    How many hot rappers have had a successful crew follow them anyhow? I’m talking a crew that were down from day one, not a crew picked up along the way.

    Busta Rhymes?
    Ice Cube?
    Jay Z?

    And when I say success, I mean they had success to match their own and lasting careers in their own right.

    50 is singled out because he tried to galvanise his crew by airing them out publicly like “go on, prove me wrong”, but their sensitivities got the better of them.

    Most of them rappers have been criticised by or have fallen out with their crews because they thought “Ride his coat tails and I’ll be alright” instead of thinking “I’m gonna get mines”.

    Which would you rather do?

    • $78232834

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      part time online. imp source C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

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    • Valid

      lol. Wack beats? Banks has been putting out fire for the past five or six years now. Have you been listening to his mixtapes? I love 50, but Banks is the better rapper, and it’s not even that close at this point.

      • $11625525

        Did you even read what I said?

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  • Damn ten articles all about 50? When the album coming? Fk all the small talk and bullsht

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  • R.E Dykes

    ok ko em fam

  • Leon Shuttlesworth

    Lloyd Banks is a stand up dude… he got issues with 50… but you never see this dude talk about them… all he does is make solid mix tapes and tours… Banks aint thinking about the Unit himself.

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