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EXCLUSIVE: Snoop Dogg Details How He Got His Deal With Dr. Dre

How did Snoop Doggy Dogg come to be? has an exclusive premiere of ​the legendary Snoop Dogg​ discussing meeting Dr. Dre and getting his first record deal. This is a excerpt from Snoop Dogg’s episode of Guitar Center Sessions set to air Sunday, ​June 1st on DirecTV​.

Snoop recalls how he got his deal with Dr. Dre:

“When I made this song called “Gangster’s Life.” It was a story of me being born into a gangster life, me living a gangster life and me​ passing this gangster life on to my little brother, and my little brother ended up getting killed. It was so deep and so dope how I told the story, it was the song that got me my record deal with Dre.

This series was filmed live at SXSW, on a rooftop perched high above the crowds with Austin’s majestic skyline as a backdrop. The 12 episode season features a wide range of musical acts including iconic artists Soundgarden, Damon Albarn, and Alice in Chains as well as buzzworthy acts CHVRCHES, ​Phantogram, ​Cage the Elephant and more.

Watch the Snoop Dog clip here FIRST:
Here are some exclusive pictures from the rooftop performance of Snoop Dogg at SXSW:
  • RightOn

    And decades later you’re still encouraging youngsters to follow that very same path. Makes a lot of sense Snoop. SMH!

    • Hey at least he tried to change his topics.
      Then haters are not satisfied either.
      Calling him doing fake reggae.

      I give him credit for at least making
      many positive efforts.

      • soyhiphop


    • tha OG

      SMH you obviously haven’t heard his reggae album & his 1 track no guns with his daughter snoop was young when he was a gangsta now he has grown musically & personally you should not juge a person past juge his present snoop learned from his past & has moved on

      • IceBergSlim

        Snoop has stepped his game up. He smokes that’s his thing everyone has there own thing I don’t see it affecting him mentally and certainly not financial. This man was just invited to the White House talking to John Kerry performing before the president.

      • don king

        really? obama performed after snoop? lol

    • David Gonz


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