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Is Karen Civil Being Cyber Bullied?

Photo via Tumblr

Karen Civil was recently put on blast by Cam’ron and Meek Mill associate @Deendcr. Cam responded to Karen Civil’s comments on Taxstone’ Tax Season podcast where Civil told Taxstone that Jay Z and Cam had issues over a parking space outside of the Def Jam offices. Cam’ron says that this is completely false. He didn’t take the parking lot story too well and blasted Karen for allegedly stealing $60K from his cousin @darealdukedagod. Cam says that Karen should’ve paid the money back by now, and he asked her to stop lying and stealing. It appears that Karen feels that she has been a victim of cyber bullying as she posted this post (below) on her Instagram page with the caption,

“Keeping with today’s spirit of uplifting black women, click the ? in bio to check out an exclusive interview with @essencemag on cyber bullying, and staying positive.”

It looks like Karen Civil is staying positive, meaning you probably won’t be getting the response you hoped for.

  • Christopher

    No. She is being called out for being a liar and thief but when you are exposed normally a person has to fall back on an excuse when they are not a stand up person

  • TruthTalk

    ‘Cyber Bullying’ FOH… People make of the dumbest terms to justify a person being called out for their wrong doings. Quit trying to save her, she’s a theif that don’t wanna be saved.

  • ilexx

    Ppl need to realize cyber bullying doesn’t exist. The mere concept of bullying involves physical domination.

    So some ppl hit your page with emoji’s?!?! Some ppl said bad words and maybe said you deserve to die and now you feel threatened? Even though these ppl can do no physical harm to you?

    Why are we teaching ppl to be bitch-made?

    • Celz

      It exists to kids.. Not grown ass snakey women..

    • Larry Sandwiches

      You mustve been home schooled…..

  • Juleo478

    Out of all the pictures they could of showed of her they picked one with her holding the stacks of money she finessed out of them lol.

    And then when she got called out by killa she did not deny it and told him “I had to eat”… Lmao she is a savage.

  • bigdoe6

    She stole $60k and she’s worried about being bullied? Where I’m from your whole fam would get knocked off for $100. At the end of the day keep ya mouth closed and pay what you owe.

    • ?????????

      Lies. U ain’t about that life. Your name is Jeffrey. You work at the Atlanta zoo part time. No vacations


  • josh

    Cyber bullying? Shutup everyone gets called a name on Twitter. Sticks and Stones quit being soft

  • Markus

    Stealing from people who don’t seek legal action against you should scare the living piss out of the party responsible for it. Because you probably rather want to be in a courtroom instead of the street when it’s time for

    • ZUBU

      I swear to God, she needs to be taken care of… I’m not condoning violence against women, but she is not very lady like… You’re right if or when the goons come, she is gonna wish she was in a courtroom… Dudes I know, when she stole the first paper she would have never had the chance to steal again… Stealing is grimy no matter how you do it with a gun, computer, ink pen, lipstick cute face and ass, etc….

  • She hasn’t met the legendary Web du idiotic moron or whatever HeSheIt calls themselves yet I take it? LOL

  • Anthony Mason

    Who’s b**** is this? Why is this an article?

    • ZUBU

      That’s what I’m saying; who is this biotch… Never heard of her until I heard she was a thief… Somebody need to put this trash slut in a dumpster…


    She’s a CROOK! Dating rappers, stealing from clients, a whole smokescreen of BS……….

  • Realest760

    She bullied her way to $60,000 racks how about that one allhiphop ?