King Tech Sway AHH

The World Famous Wake Up Show Plays All 50 Artists From AllHipHop.com’s Top 50 List! [DOWNLOAD]

In an unprecedented move, “The World Famous Wake Up Show” took the AllHipHop.com Top 50 Underground/Indie/Emerging List Of 2013 and created an ENTIRE SHOW around it! Yes that’s right the legendary DJ’s King Tech and DJ Revolution spun all 50 artists in the span of one show and it was nothing short of completely dopeness!… Read more »


D Farrar

EXCLUSIVE: Deniro Farrar Says, “This Music Ain’t Hip-Hop. I’m Rap.”

Leading a cultish existence, Deniro Farrar, transforms his thoughts into art. Never hesitating to spit legitimate lyrics, Farrar’s, growing musical family appreciates the unfaltering depth of an expanding perspective. A message, which originated in North Carolina, continues to resonate with a growing global audience. The MC’s natural gift, organic showmanship, and pure humanity helped to… Read more »


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AllHipHop.com's Top 50 Underground/Indie/Emerging Artists Of 2013

un·der·ground Existing, situated, operating, or taking place beneath the surface of the ground, hidden or secret; not open, published or produced by political or social radicals or nonconformists:avant-garde; experimental. In other words, unique, different, something special that is not like everything else. The Underground. We are back with our picks for the Top 50 Underground/Independent/Emerging… Read more »


Young Scooter

Young Scooter Talks Hope, Industry Frauds, & Upcoming Projects

“I think that all my music is classic and timeless. It’s stuff that people can listen to forever. I make that type of music,” the South’s Young Scooter shares his truth.  Born in South Carolina and bred in Georgia, Kenneth Bailey, became baptized in rhyme and began to craft street scriptures. Periods of an incarcerated… Read more »



TRY THIS: The 10 Best Beats That Use Strange, Non-Musical Elements

From beat-boxing to Grand Wizzard Theodore developing scratching, it became clear early on that Hip-Hop music was being created by unconventional means.  With Hip-Hop continually reinventing sounds from samples and various DJ techniques, it was inevitable that production would evolve to the point where beats could be made by incorporating entirely non-musical elements. Rap is… Read more »