Virgin CEO Dresses Up As Eminem

Sir Richard Branson, boss of the Virgin empire

is looking to expand his aviation business into the United States, he announced

today. And what did he do to ensure maximum publicity for his announcement?

He dressed up as Eminem.

The 53 year old tycoon, whose empire spans around

the globe and includes Virgin Records, the Virgin Megastore chains, Virgin Mobile

and Virgin Airlines, came out dressed as Eminem with two scantily-clad dancers.

Further mocking Eminem, he then took a chainsaw

to the traditional British Airways first class seat.

Branson’s airline is hindered by American law,

but he said he hopes to purchase a minority stake in another low cast airline.

“We have been waiting for 20 years for the

law to change (in America).We want a 49% economic share and will bring in another

partner to get things going.”

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