Shock Jock Star Talks New Morning Show On 87.7

Mega Media Group held a press release announcing the Star and Bucwild Show as 87.7 FM “Pulse 87” new morning show yesterday (November 29).


Not only is Star excited about their new morning show slot but also being involved in the programming of the new Top 40 station.


“I am very excited about it,” Star said. “This is something that we will approach with passion and responsibility.”


Star, born Troy Torian, feels that the Top 40 format is something that the tri-state area lacks excluding the likes of Z100.


The shock jock plans to become a pioneer in what Star feels in an untapped market in New York.


Alex Shvarts, CEO of Mega Media Group, talked about the decision to embark on this new venture with the Star & Bucwild brand, which will began airing in mid-January.


“The show has demonstrated over the years it’s ability not to only achieve high ratings but also to touch upon the topics that challenge radio listeners and provoke the bait,” Shvarts told


The Top 40 format station’s goal is to be in touch with what’s reality and what listeners need, want and like to listen to.

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