EXCLUSIVE: The Diirty OG’z “G-Code” Will Put You On Game!



(AllHipHop Music) The Diirty OGz (Kurupt, Tray Deee, Tha Chill, Weazel Loc, and Kokane) make their return to AllHipHop.com with the exclusive premier of their brand new video, “G-Code”. The song and video is off of the group’s recently released album, We Got Now And Next, which has the veteran West Coast rappers playing individual characters as part of an album concept. “It’s definitely something that needs to be heard. It’s not a turn-up song but it’s the kind that you can lean back and listen to in a Cadillac,” said Tha Chill to AllHipHop.com in reference to “G-Code.”  “We’ve got nothing against turn-up music but everything can’t be just that. At the same time, our tradition is the G-code and we’ve laid the foundation for that. People who are making music now, they followed what we were doing when they were coming up so we felt it was necessary to reinforce what the G-code is,” added Tray Deee.

The group had initially planned to release a movie along with the album and they may even revisit that in the future, but they still manage to act out some scenes in the new video. Adds group member Weazel Loc, “The visuals to the “G-Code” is dope because we’re downtown in L.A. and going through the streets. We’ve even got some acting parts in there where we’re showing you a robbery lick gone wrong. We’ve all done some acting, Kurupt with his films and Tray Deee with his Eastsidaz film.” “Hey, don’t forget Baby Boy and The Wash,” Tray Deee interjected. “And I’m the one who killed Kane in Menace II Society,” said Tha Chill in laughter. “Street cats like us, it translates well into those parts because we are authentic,” said Tray Deee.

The group also has new individual projects coming out. Kurupt informed us that there is a new Dogg Pound album on the way. “We are working on a new Dogg Pound album; Snoop, Daz, and myself. Snoop is real adamant about putting this album together correctly so he’s overseeing it all. I am also starting my new solo album which is being executive produced by The D.O.C. There’s a lot of good things going down,” said the West Coast veteran. Tray Deee is working on The General’s List II, a follow up to his 2002 release and establishing his Supreme Circle Music Group label where he will be overseeing the launching of new acts. Weazel Loc is preparing his solo release and just finished a movie script with Antwone Fisher, the screenwriter who rose to fame with his biopic movie Antwone Fisher starring Denzel Washington.

The really big news comes from Tha Chill as he revealed to exclusively to AllHipHop.com that his group Compton’s Most Wanted with MC Eiht has been working with longtime former rival DJ Quik on some new music. “Me and Eiht have been working and we’ve got DJ Quik heavily involved. We’ve been spending a lot of time with him and he’s been mixing and mastering different songs that maybe will turn into a new CMW album or not. I want to get DJ Slip, Mike T, and Boom-Bam involved with this record as it’s just Eiht, myself, and DJ Quik right now. Whatever comes out of this will be super for hip-hop and for Compton especially in reference to Quik and Eiht and the history behind our rivalry,” said Chill.

Check out that exclusive AllHipHop.com premier of The Diirty OG’z new video, “G-Code”.