AHH Stray News: Nicki Takes Over Twitter, Rick Ross First UK Show, Beatboxing Orchestra To Debut


Rapper Nicki Minaj continues her run of success, this time in the world of social networking. The popular rapper is now the most followed Hip-Hop artist on twitter, with a following of 8,194,350 followers as of press time. The previous record was held by Eminem, who was announced as the most followed person on Twitter in July of 2011. As of press time, the race to be the top rapper on Twitter is very close, with Eminem at 8,177,381.

Hip-Hop star Rick Ross will make his first appearance in the Midlands in the UK this March. Rick Ross is slated to perform a one-off show at the Birmingham Ballroom on March 22. The show is being promoted by Tyson Leon, of We’ve Got Entertainment, who told local media that the show with Rick Ross would be one of the biggest of the year. “This will be one of the biggest gigs of the year in the Midlands because Rick Ross is a huge star in America and is known to all UK hip hop fans,” Leon said in a statement. “We are delighted to be bringing him to Birmingham and I know hip hop fans from across the Midlands will be looking forward to the gig.” For more information visit www.birmingham-ballroom.com.

A new beatboxing orchestra will make its professional debut in new Delhi, with the launch of Voctronica. Voctronica is a beatboxing ensemble that was created through a series of workshops held in India and Britain. The beatboxing orchestra features 10 of the best beatboxers from around the world, who will be guided and overseen by Shlomo, who is in the Guinness World Record books for human beatboxing. “Beatboxing is all about rhythm and how well you combine sounds to produce a unique tune. It crosses genres as it borrows from every culture. It is relevant in India because of Indian percussion which is mostly played on the tabla. We’re exploring similar sounds and beat with beatboxing,” Shlomo told IANS.