Benzino Blasts 50 Cent Over Online Antics “Is There An Insecurity Issue?” 

Benzino was upset his daughter Coi Leray contemplated working with Fiddy: “I wouldn’t think that my own blood would even be capable of that.”

Benzino has spoken about his online feud with 50 Cent and questioned the rappers’ online antics, suggesting he’s insecure. 

The former co-owner of The Source spoke exclusively to AllHipHop about the beef and revealed his disappointment when his daughter became caught up in it.  

Benzino claimed that while ‘people f### with Zino for whatever reason,” the same cannot be said about 50 Cent. He suggested Fiddy needs to reflect on how he conducts himself instead of “trying to embarrass somebody” or “make someone look bad. Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?” Zino questioned.  

He then reflected on the multimedia mogul’s online behavior asking, “Is there an insecurity issue?” Benzino said 50 Cent likes to “pick on people you know through the internet,” but added, “I’m not built like that.” 

50 Cent Trolls Benzino Over Transgender Actress

50 Cent has trolled Benzino on multiple occasions, most recently suggesting he had a sexual relationship with transgender actress Shauna Brooks. Fiddy has been relentless in his pursuit of Teairra Marí, clowning her over their legal dispute.

This weekend it was Madonna’s risqué selfies that once again caught the eye of the G Unit boss. He took to Instagram to share a pic of the pop superstar posing for the camera.  

@50 Cent Instagram

“I hope she didn’t make her kids take this picture,” 50 Cent trolled in the caption. “LOL at 63 somebody tell her to chill out please.” 

A furious Benzino blasted 50 Cent after the rapper turned TV producer offered Zino’s daughter Coi Leray a role in one of his productions. “You crossed a line with my kid,” he said at the time. He also added that his daughter’s obvious “disloyalty” will lead to “her downfall.”  

When asked if he ruined his chances to get his show through Fiddy’s Green Light Gang, Benzino referred to 50 Cent’s offer to Coi Le Ray. He told AllHipHop his daughter’s response to 50 Cent was “disappointing,” and said he “was taught loyalty … no matter what.”

He added “I wouldn’t think that my own blood would even be capable of that.”

Check out the interview in full below.