Beyoncé Robbed For Over $1 Million By Despicable Thieves

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Police are trying to track down the suspects who stole millions in handbags, purses, and more from Beyoncé. 

Desperate scumbags in Los Angeles did the unthinkable when they robbed the queen – Beyoncé. 

Earlier this month, robbers broke into storage units belonging to Beyonce’s company Parkwood Entertainment on two different occasions. 

They managed to pry their way into several storage facilities that Beyoncé owns, and they made off with a fortune.

According to reports, the thieves swiped millions of dollars in valuables belonging to the superstar singer. reports that the thieves stole handbags, purses, dresses, and rare photos. 

The burglars were so greedy, they even took her kids’ toys from the storage units. 

Beyoncé is the second big celebrity to have her storage units targeted – Miley Cyrus was victimized as well. 

Detectives are investigating the heist, but so far there are no suspects.