Fat Joe Responds To Irv Gotti: “Sometimes Brothers Check Each Other” 

Fat Joe reassured fans his relationship with Irv Gotti is intact after the Murder Inc. founder said they were no longer friends.

The fallout from Irv Gotti’s viral Drink Champs interview continues, with Fat Joe chiming in to speak on his relationship with the music executive.  

The Murder inc. founder had the internet in a frenzy following his comments about his alleged relationship with Ashanti. During the Drink Champs episode, Irv Gotti shared intimate details about their rumored dalliance and suggested the singer was a dime-a-dozen.  

The backlash was swift, and Irv Gotti was dragged on the internet for discussing the alleged affair. Fat Joe called him out for his remarks and went as far as calling him a “sucker” for airing out 20-year-old gossip. He also went in on Ja Rule, who joined Gotti on the podcast.  

Irv Gotti then responded and was clearly upset, claiming he felt “fooled” by Fat Joe. “He’s not my friend,” he added. “In life you get fooled. Forget Joe, because they don’t want me to talk about Joe.” 

However, Fat Joe addressed Irv Gotti’s comments and said the two share a bond more than friends; they are family.  

“Irv Gotti said I’m no longer his friend and he’s correct, because I’m his brother,” Fat Joe said during an Instagram Live. “I love him. I love his entire family,” he said adding he loves Irv’s mother, sons and sisters. He continued, “I love them all. And so, sometimes brothers check each other. that’s the furthest I’m gonna go.” Check out the clip below. 

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Meanwhile, Ashanti has remained silent and has said nothing about the rumors. Nonetheless, it’s clear whatever relationship she had with Irv Gotti has soured. When asked earlier this year if she would be appearing in the Murder Inc. docuseries, the songstress found the suggestion laughable. “No,” she replied before bursting into laughter.