Fat Joe: The Worst Thing You Can Do In The History Of Mankind Is Be A Rat

Fat Joe

The New Yorker is thankful he never had to compromise his morals.

There have been some horrific moments throughout history. Humans have engaged in genocide, war atrocities, slavery, and systemic racism. However, according to Fat Joe, none of those things compare to snitching.

Fat Joe was a guest on the Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show. The Bronx representative shared his opinion on individuals choosing to inform law enforcement about other people’s crimes.

“God bless me and God bless all of us, but to me, the worst thing you can do in the history of mankind is be a rat. The worst,” declared Fat Joe. “I just pray to God all the time, thank you man, that I never had to compromise my morals.”

The 51-year-old Hip Hop artist continued, “To me, that’s the ugliest thing for your kids to be walking around Earth and people are like, ‘Yo, his father is a rat. He put down some good people.’ You have to understand, when you tell, you destroy families.”

Snitching once again became a topic of conversation in Hip Hop circles over the last few days. Georgia rapper Gunna and Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs went back-and-forth on social media over the subject.

Lil Xan also faced accusations of snitching on his former manager. The “Betrayed” rhymer threatened to sue Stat Quo for allegedly fueling Xan’s drug addiction while he was on tour.

The most prominent discussion about a rapper becoming a witness for the government involved Tekashi 6ix9ine. The Brooklynite infamously turned on the Nine Trey Gangsters in order to get a lighter sentence for his 2019 federal RICO conviction.