Gunna Teases Musical Comeback; Tekashi 6ix9ine Mocks Him In Comments Section 

Gunna 6ix9ine

“It’s only one side,” Gunna wrote, tagging “#YslTheLabel” in the caption of his comeback post, causing the comments section to erupt.

Gunna has returned to Instagram, teasing his return to music following his release from Fulton County Jail in December after seven months behind bars. 

The “Pushin P” rapper took an Alford plea in his RICO case, allowing him to plead guilty while maintaining his innocence and avoiding the risk of a harsher sentence at trial. Many accused the rapper of turning on YSL after learning of the deal and the statements Gunna attested to during the plea hearing.  

Nonetheless, Wunna is putting his time in jail behind him and readying a return to music. He took to Instagram on Tuesday to tease his comeback, sharing an image of himself sitting next to a microphone.  

However, it was his mention of YSL that garnered most of the attention in the comments section. While many of his fans were ready and waiting for a Gunna comeback, the replies were littered with responses to his caption.  

“N##### acting like they switching to a side But it’s only one side,” he wrote before adding, GUNNA BACC!!!!!”

His addition of the hashtags “#YslTheLabel and “#FreeThug&Yak” also got a lot of people talking. 

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While some echoed his “Free Thug” sentiment, others questioned Gunna tagging YSL the label in his post,” yet renouncing “YSL the gang” as part of his plea deal.  

6ix9ine Trolls Gunna

6ix9ine, who has already tried to compare “snitch” credentials, was quick to add his thoughts in the replies. 

“In court you said it was a gang here on IG u saying the label. Lol u can’t make this s### up,” he wrote. The comment attracted more than 5,000 likes within two hours.  

Gunna agreed that YSL is a gang as part of the stipulations of the plea agreement. He also acknowledged they are also a music label in the same statement put to him during the plea hearing. 

“YSL is a music label and a gang, and you have personal knowledge that members or associates have committed crimes in furtherance of the gang,” the statement read. “Yes, ma’am,” Gunna replied.  

Gunna earned his second No.1 album last year with his third studio LP, DS4Ever released in January 2022. The project debuted atop the Billboard 200 and would feature in many best of Hip-Hop 2022 lists.