Instagram Censors 50 Cent’s Political Statement But Allows Violence To Stay

50 Cent

Instagram seems to be stepping up its policing of political discourse on its platform, as evidenced by 50 Cent’s recent posts.

Rap star 50 Cent is well known for his antics on Instagram.

The rap star regularly uses his massive social media platform of 26 million followers to bully his rivals, while reposting provocative viral content, in between promoting his hit TV show “Power,” as well as his liquor brands.

50 reposted a popular meme floating around, showing the government’s show a force in response to a Black Lives Matter protest earlier this summer.

So Fif was reasonably frustrated after Instagram removed one of his posts in response to the Capitol riots in Washington D.C. on January 6th.

“so the IG God’s don’t like my BLM post. 🤷🏽‍♂️i don’t know why this was against any rules,” 50 Cent said.

50’s post racked up over 700,000 likes, from a variety of stars including Nicki Minaj.

Interestingly, earlier in week 50 used his platform to tyrannize Floyd Mayweather, whom he accused of getting a beard transplant.

And his post earlier today (January 10th) starred two men arguing before one man slugs the other and knocks him unconscious.

In comparison to both of these posts by 50, his statement on the Capitol riots seems tame.