Kanye West: I’m Concerned Pete Davidson Will Get Kim Kardashian Hooked On Drugs

Kanye West

The outspoken entertainer also says he and D.L. Hughley could become friends.

Kanye “Ye” West is back to taking shots at Pete Davidson. The billionaire Hip Hop artist re-started his Instagram onslaught against the Saturday Night Live star on Wednesday morning.

For his latest social media attack in his public feud with Pete Davidson, Ye expressed concern that the 28-year-old The Suicide Squad actor could cause Kim Kardashian to get addicted to narcotics. Kardashian is West’s estranged wife who is presently dating Davidson.

“[I’m] really concerned that SKETE will get my [kids’] mom hooked on drugs. He’s in rehab every 2 months,” wrote Kanye West on Instagram. West and Kardashian have four children together.

Kanye West Suggests Pete Davidson Could Be A Pedophile

In addition, Kanye West uploaded a 2019 headline from the far-right Breitbart.com to his Instagram page. The outlet ran an article on Pete Davidson reportedly telling a joke about having sex with his friend’s child.

“Yet another reason why SKETE gotta stay away from my children. Oh, and nobody noticed that he ain’t show up to SNL because Mr. ‘I can help you with meds’ had a mental breakdown after we ran him off the internet,” wrote Ye in the IG caption.

The 44-year-old 2020 United States presidential candidate continued, “SKETE you [are] not built for this. I already blacked the Super Bowl out on you. Apologize to your family for being in your family,”

Ye Has More Words For D.L. Hughley Too

Additionally, Kanye West recently threatened stand-up comedian/radio personality D. L. Hughley. That online aggression from the Donda album creator led to Hughley roasting Ye on Twitter.

West now appears to be backing off a bit from his beef with The D.L. Hughley Show host. After posting another joke about Hughley’s sense of fashion, Ye suggested the two celebrities could become acquaintances at some point.

“Funny thing is we’ll probably end up being friends… I used to defend this n#### back when he had work… Like nah, he funny… you just gotta watch it 1 trillion more times to get it,” posted Kanye West on Instagram.