Kim Kardashian Blasted For Paying Less For A Surrogate Than She Made Selling Used Birkin Bag

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

A debate has erupted over the amount Kim Kardashian paid a surrogate to deliver her child – which was cheaper than her Birkin Bag!

Billionaire businesswoman and reality star Kim Kardashian is under fire. On Saturday (February 18), social media was ablaze with how little she paid her surrogate to carry her children compared to how much she made for selling one of her used designer bags.

One person posted on social media, “Surrogacy is misogyny. It is exploitative & dehumanizing. Kim Kardashian sold her used Birkin bag for $104,000 but paid her surrogate $4,500 a month ($45,000 in total) to risk her life and birth her child. A used bag cost more than double the surrogate’s womb & life! F##king vile.”

In the reply, a Twitter user said she heard a different number.

Sigma Allyson wrote, “HUH!!! Kim Kardashian only paid her surrogate 45k??? I could swear back in like 2015 I was hearing 100k being thrown around as the rich person surrogate minimum what even.”

@Juhvanci agreed Kardashian should have paid more, but asked, “How is it misogyny?”

Some people just wondered, “How is it Kim’s fault?”

“I guess my legit inquiry would be…. How is this Kim’s fault?” influencer Cyrene Lovette asked. “If she has a need and there is someone who can meet that need at a set price that both agree upon… are we just coming up with reasons to be tight at that point? Cause…. Huh?”

While the debate is up in the social media air, Laurel Fertility revealed Kardashian did pay on the lowest side of the average fees.

The website states traditional surrogacy can cost people between $40,000 to $70,000. The average cost for gestational surrogacy is between $90,000 and $130,000. 

Kardashian used a gestational surrogate, according to Pop Sugar.