Nu Jerzey Twork Trends Online After His Release From Jail & Calls Out K-Shine 

Nu Jerzey Twork returned from jail as dramatically as he left, appearing on the URL show with Daylyt to call out K-Shine.

Nu Jerzey Twork made a dramatic exit from battle rap when he announced he was turning himself into jail just days after being revealed as one of the contenders in URL’s $100,000 Ultimate Madness Tournament.  

While it was unclear when exactly he would be released, he said he would be home in a couple of months. The battle rap community filled social media with “Free Twork” hashtags for months. Many fans missed his presence in the tournament and on URL’s recent Night Of Main Events Houston card this past weekend.  

Now, Nu Jerooz is back, and he announced his return in an equally dramatic fashion. He made a little announcement during his surprise return appearance on URL’s Monday night Caffeine show with guest host Daylyt. He’s ready to get right back to battle rap and has an opponent in his sights… 

He called out none other than Harlem’s K-Shine, who just put on a performance of the night-worthy display on N.O.M.E. this past weekend. “Tell K-Shine come outside,” he declared before adding that he’s seen Shine’s recent form. “I want that smoke. That’s really the only battle on my mind, I was thinking about that when I was locked up. I’ll battle whoever but I really want K-Shine.”  

Nu Jerzey Twork Calls Out K-Shine

Twork became a trending topic on Twitter shortly after announcing his release, with fans sharing their excitement at his return.  

As Daylyt said, a fully prepped Nu Jerzey Twork against K-Shine could “break battle rap,” something the Jersey rapper is well aware of.  

“He did exceptionally well. He back to that old K-Shine,” he said. Twork also addressed the comparisons between himself and the Harlem spitter. “That s### I see, that was different,” he noted. “He did incredible.”