Pusha T Talks Clipse Reunion Rumors, Kanye West & Working With Pharrell On New Project 

Pusha T addressed the speculation surrounding a Clipse reunion after reuniting on stage this year. “It’s really up to my brother.”

Pusha T shows no signs of slowing down after putting out one of the hottest Hip-Hop projects of the year with It’s Almost Dry and is already working on the follow-up. 

The “Diet Coke” rapper opened up about his upcoming project in a new interview with Rolling Stone. He also shed light on the rumors of a possible Clipse reunion and discussed his relationship with friend, collaborator, and GOOD Music founder, Kanye West.  

While some fans yearn for Ye from his earliest albums, King Push says that sound is ever-present in his music. “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, I love the old Kanye,’” Pusha shared. “Well, when you hear Pusha T, you hear the old Kanye.” 

However, it took some time for him to adjust to Kanye’s creative process, which was very different from his own.  

“I had never worked like that before,” Pusha T admitted, describing the time Ye invited him to work on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. “Very trial and error — try everything, exhaust all ideas. I think I said something great? He wants to say something greater. And greater might take another two hours, three hours, four hours. When I was writing ‘Runaway,’ I thought my first verse was great. It was my ninth one that was great.” 

Pusha T also discussed his relationship with another friend and long-time collaborator, Pharrell Williams. He said the super producer continues to deliver “levels of greatness that cater directly to the hip-hop purist.” 

He let slip they are currently working on his next album. “I don’t wanna give anything away. But the giggles are even more evil than they were the last time,” Pusha T teased.  

Despite their recent reunion appearances, an official Clipse return is down to Pusha’s brother, No Malice.  

“I push the button every so often,” he revealed. “I’m like, ‘Yo, listen to what I just made! We can really do this’ and he brushes me off. If I had it my way, it would be the Clipse. It’s really up to my brother.”